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vrijdag 23 december 2011

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas everybody! Lots of stuff going on here, as I´m sure will be the case with you. I will try and see if I write up a proper post tomorrow, but no promises! Holiday season isn´t the best season for bloggin, apparently. Anyway, for those of you who haven´t seen it, a little link to something I think you should all see. (Well, don't click it if you didn't like the Lord of the Ring films)

This is awesome!

Good, right? Can't wait for the movie to come out!

Anyway, have a nice few days, I hope you get all the gaming presents you wanted and bought some cool stuff to give away to others. Be kind and do good, and all that. Oh yes, and the most important, don't over eat!

Merry Christmas!

maandag 19 december 2011

Monday Morning Gamer - 19/12

Life intervened! But enough with the excuses! I'm back with a special edition of Monday Morning Gamer. While I usually talk about Fantasy related stuff on here, today I have for you the complete rules to a special type of 40K game. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to climb the ladder of power in one of the Dark Eldar Kabals in Commoragh? Do you have what it takes to become an Arena champion, or the most feared Haemonculus around? Here is your chance to find out! What follows are the rules for a small Campaign system, using just the Dark Eldar Codex and as many players as you can find.

Thunderstomp presents: Dark Streets of Commoragh!

maandag 12 december 2011

Monday Morning Gamer - 12/12

Hello and welcome to Monday Morning Gamer, the place to get your post-weekend wargaming fix! Let’s start things off quickly because I have a lot of stuff to cover today:

The new FaQs are up for three Fantasy armies and I’ll take a look at each of them to discuss the changes. Next we take a look at something that we all do, but each of us does it slightly differently: List building! Some tips and things to look out for when you design your list. Lastly, a small teaser video of something I came across this morning that you computer gamers might find interesting. 

And away we go!

vrijdag 9 december 2011

Game Night! 9/12

Hello and welcome to Game Night! This is my weekly report of my actual gaming action. Much like a real game night, this section focusses on playing actual battles, whether it´s through army builds, tactics or battle reviews. Something fun to read over the weekend.

For today´s installment of Game Night! I have the following planned for you. First and foremost, my last battle in the Fantasy Campaign I played in. As you might remember, I played this game a couple of weeks back, but I have only now found the time to do up a proper Thunderstomp-style report!
Secondly, I’ll be talking you through part of my Ogre Army Builds. I have, obviously, already done a part 1 of that series, the Smashmouth Ogres. Part two focusses on a different type of Ogre army: the Gunslingers.  Lastly, and I know I might be a bit late when it comes to this, I am getting ready to play my first ever Storm of Magic game and I’ll look at some possible additions to my normal Skaven army.

Alright, a lot of stuff to cover, so let’s get going!

woensdag 7 december 2011

Midweek Modelling - 7/12

What's this? A scheduled post arriving on time? Did I just spot a flock of pigs flying by?

Yes, it's true: Midweek Modelling is here and it's on time! Progress, if anything. Now, if only my modelling and painting skills were of such a level that Midweek Modelling deserved such a grand introduction :p

Still, another week and more painting has been done. Quit a lot, actually, although I didn't get everything I wanted finished. Such is life!

On with the show!

dinsdag 6 december 2011

Monday(ish) Morning Gamer - 6/12

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Monday Morning Gamer! Every Monday I will talk about a few different subjects to do with tabletop gaming, basically anything I can come up with that isn't to do with modelling (which I save for Midweek Modelling) or with Army Lists and Battle Reports (which I save for Game Night!
What's that? It's Tuesday, you say...? Shush.... Keep that to yourself, will you?

For this week's installment of MMG I have the following planned for you. Firstly, a more comprehensive look at the new campaign book Blood in the Badlands. I've read this thing front to back to front and back again and I have to admit I.... no wait, I'll save that for later in the post.
Secondly I have a special scenario for all you Dragon lovers out there. Something I've been wanting to try out for ages and I finally wrote up some rules for it. I hope to try it out soon!
That should probably be enough for this week. I have plenty of stuff I want to tell you for today!

Off we go!

maandag 5 december 2011

Game Night! (delayed from 2/12)

**EDIT - And the layout got eaten once more... Why do I use that app again? Sigh. Anyway, fixed now, with apologies**

Hello and welcome to Game Night! As usual this is going up a bit later than planned, but who cares? It's all for fun anyway! Also, I totally intend to do a Monday Morning Gamer post tomorrow so there will be plenty to read for you this week!

Right, so what do I have planned for today? Mostly I will be talking about a tournament I went to last Saturday. Also, I will talk about how I'd would do a Necron army if I were to start Necrons (I'm not, but it's fun to dream!). And I'll leave it at that for now. I don't want to use up all my blogging energy before I even start writing MMG!

First things first:

zaterdag 3 december 2011

Game Night! postponed due to outburst of painting madness

Just a quick post to tell you that due to painting that I have had to do for tomorrow's tournament, today's episode of Game Night! will be delayed.

Not to worry, tomorrow evening / sunday morning I'll have the post up, with a report of the tournament as well as some other gaming goodies!

And just so you know: I have actually managed to finish the 50 Slaves, the 26 Stormvermin, and the Warp Lightning Cannon (almost forgot that one!) that I need for tomorrow's tournament! All that is left to do is the eyes on all the models and a highlight on all the red armour bits, but those can wait til after the tournament! And on the plus side, with 26 Stormvermin and a WLC already 90% painted, I'll have a very easy rest-of-the-month painting Skaven for the Tale!

Right, I'm off to bed! Here's hoping tomorrow's tourney goes better than the last one!

donderdag 1 december 2011

Blood of the Badlands in the house!

I have it! Just went out to see if I could get the new Campaign book and I did! Just been flicking through it now. Looks great fun. What it basically is, is a campaign report featuring 8 players, with all the additional rules you´d need as a group of players to play this campaign as well.

Haven´t read much, but did notice that the actual rules for Siege Battles and Underground Battles, while in there, only take uo about 6 pages in total. The book has 96 pages. Still, they are in there, ready to be used!

Right, I´m off to read this book cover to cover and see if this campaign is fun enough that´I´ll try and pitch playing this to my mates! Of course I should be painting stormvermin because I need 26 of those this Saturday but they can wait, right?

woensdag 30 november 2011

Midweek Modelling - 30/11

It's update time!

I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that I have been painting and I am pretty happy with the results so far.

The bad news is that I'm probably about 75-80% finished, and today is the last day of the month. That means I'll either paint like mad tonight (probably not) or finish what I can tonight and do the rest tomorrow (more likely).
Also, I might have slightly deviated from the stuff I had originally planned to paint for this month. Still, I'm having fun painting and that is what this little exercise is mainly about, right?

On with the pics!

maandag 28 november 2011

Monday Morning Gamer - 28/11

Hello and good morning! What a week it´s been. First the weather was too crappy for me to take pics for Midweek Modeling and then my Campaign Battle got pushed back till Sunday, leaving me little time to write up the battle review for Game Night! All of which combines to me not having any content to post for most of last week. I shall endeavor to do better this week! (I like ‘endeavor’, such a nice word. People don’t use it enough.)

So, with that out of the way: Welcome to another edition of Monday Morning Gamer! I have actually had quite a fun week, gaming wise. I received a text that set off all sorts of ideas forming in my mind, I found something really awesome visiting my parents this weekend and I played the final battle in our 6 month Fantasy Campaign, which was a really cool battle!

For this week’s episode of MMG I have for you the following: A review of my absolute favourite unit in the Ogres Kingdoms book, a look at a spin off game by one of my favourite miniature companies ever, a very early look at a Dark Eldar only Escalation Campaign, and, finally, a look ahead!

Plenty of stuff, so let’s get to it!

maandag 21 november 2011

Monday Morning Gamer - 21/11

Hello and welcome to Monday Morning Gamer! Ok, technically it’s not morning for me anymore, but it’s still, barely, Monday morning somewhere in the world. So I’ll just pretend that’s good enough.

For today’s installment of MMG I have a few things for you. Firstly, for those who haven’t seen it, I have a pic of the new Mangler Squig, set to be released next month. There are also models for the missing Beastmen Rares. I’m sure most of you will have seen them already, but in case you haven’t (Shalen, I’m looking at you!), here they are:

Now that’s out of the way and we have all decided what we think of the new Jabberslythe (I love it), here’s what else I have for you today: firstly, a Post Tournament look at my OK army and the changes I have made to it so far. Next, a notice of another double tournament coming up in January and finally a short talk about my Dogs of War army!

On with the show!

vrijdag 18 november 2011

Game Night! - Invasion Narrative Campaign

Adapted from this
Welcome to Game Night!

I like campaigns. I think linking battles and connecting a story to those battles is a very rewarding way of playing Warhammer. While I enjoy playing one-off battles as much as the next guy, and those are usually the kind of games I play, there is just nothing that beats playing in a narrative campaign and seeing my Order of the Moon Chaos Warriors, led by the great Master Borazel, trying to kick my mate's Dwarfs out of their Hold in the northern mountains. Or something to that effect. If Balephon is reading this, I'm sure he remembers mighty Master Borazel!

As I was flicking through the big rulebook looking for the rules for the Battle Royale, I noticed all these other scenarios I never play. Two weekends ago I had a chance to sit down and read through them, and I was inspired to link a few scenarios up and make a narrative campaign. At first I thought about making it specific for two armies to use. Maybe my Skaven would attempt to attack a High Elf colony in the east, or my Ogres would come across a band of Chaos Warriors as they both sought access to an ancient ruin. But then, as is most often the case, I couldn't decide which armies would be the best to include. All of them are cool! So I decided to just make a more abstract storyline and allow anyone to use whichever armies they want. Aren't I nice?

woensdag 16 november 2011

Midweek Modelling - 16/11

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Midweek Modelling. After spending all of last week trying to get my Ogres ready for the tournament, this week I finally get to spend some time on different stuff. It's going to be mostly Work in Progress pictures here this week. Basically have spent my time so far assembling and undercoating all the stuff I plan to have finished for this month's Tale of the Painter. I have the following planned:

Skaven - 51 Slaves and 3 Warlock Engineers
Empire - A Mortar and a converted Sorceress
Warriors of Chaos - 5 Warriors
Imperial Guard - Leman Russ Executioner

dinsdag 15 november 2011

Comment updated

Quick maintanence post. I´ve addded a new way of commenting for this blog since I got a few complaints on how difficult it was to comment on here.

Anyway, this should be easier, so there´s nothing stopping anyone from commenting, should they want to ;)

maandag 14 november 2011

Monday Morning Gamer - 14/11

Look, I made a crappy Paint picture!
Good day to all, and welcome to the renamed Monday post on my blog. My usual sequence of weekly posts would mean today I would be talking about gaming background stuff, theory and overarching things like campaigns, but since I just came back from a tournament this Saturday, I thought I'd switch today's post with Friday's Game Night! post, and give you my tournament recap now. And not just because I think I'll have forgotten some stuff by then I might still remember now either. Honest.

As I explained here, I went to a tournament this saturday. This post will be all about how it went, what I saw and what I should do differently next time, if anything.

Off we go!

zaterdag 12 november 2011

Game Night! 11-11-11

*let me preface this by saying I'll be uploading this from my phone, with no chance to fix the layout until sunday or monday. So if blogger app eats my  layout again, don't say I didn't warn you!*

Welcome to today's episode of Game Night! I'm all about tomorrow's tournament this week so everything that comes up in this post will be on that as well.
I'll start things of with a preview of the tournament, looking at the different scenarios we'll be playing, including how I think my army will do, and how victory will be determined. Next I have a battle review of my Ogres vs my mate Balephon's Tomb Kings, both of us using our tourney armies. Finally, a quick word on my painting and how I think I'll paint score-wise.

Off we go!

The Tournament and the Way to Victory

This is a pretty bog standard, Dutch, one day Fantasy tournament. Three battles, a different scenario for each battle, and enough Soft Score points to compensate for average play.
There's 100 points to earn overall. 25 max for each of the three battles, plus 20 for painting, and 5 for handing in your army list 2 weeks prior. Which I did.
Now, before we continue, a little info on me as a torunament player. I go to quite a few tournaments, but I'm not particularly good at them. You see, for whatever reason I can never bring myself to going all-out competitive (nothing wrong with that, btw) and almost always end up somewhere in the middle of the pack. Or sometimes lower. And I'm absolutely cool with that. So, over the years this has let me to develop the following target to aim for in tournaments: if I can score, on average, slightly above a draw for each of my battles, I'll be a happy camper.
Obviously I've put that little caveat in to make sure expectations won't be too high from my audience :p
Now, let's take a look at the missions.
As mentioned, there's three. One is a standard Battleline, two are tournament specific.
We start off with one called "Intercept the Messengers". Each side will have three single infantry models to use a Messengers. For every Messenger you can get off the opposite table edge, you earn points. The more to the centre of the board the messenger goes off, the more points you get. So the aim is to get the messengers off in the middle 24" of the opponent's board edge and get maximum points.
I think this is actually a fun mission, different enough to make it interesting. Since normal victory points will probably play a bigger role in final victory, the Messengers are a nice addition, but not absolutely essential. Of course, to score max points for this mission you'll need max victory points and all your messengers off the table. So, note to self: if all else fails, kill opposing messengers and I'll earn some Battle Points even if I do get wiped. Not that I expect that to happen, obviously, but just saying...
The other scenario is more or less an adaption of a 40k scenario, and I don't mean that in a good way.
For this scenario, three objectives are placed, parallel to the long table edge, in the middle of the table, with 18" between each, and between the outer two and the short board edge. Might sound complicated, but it's not really.
Winner is determined by victory points, with the distribution of objectives determining final score. Only Core units eligible to count for the minimum 25% can claim an objective. No enemies can be within range of an objective (6"), or noone will earn the bonus.
So this scenario will probably be about who can plonk the biggest unit on top of an objective, and stay there. I see Undead doing well in this scenario, with summoning back models and such. I will not do as well, since I only have two Core units, and things will really have to go my way for one of them to claim two objectives an the other the final one. Luckily, most of the victory is still determined by straight up VP, so I'll just gor for that and worry about how many objectives I can claim later.

Overall, I think the tournament is well thought out. While it imposes quite a few limits (no special characters, max on duplicate choices, etc), I do not see how these limits will favour one army over another too badly. So kudoes there. We'll see what I think tomorrow :p

On to the Battle Review!

I'll keep this short and sweet because a) it's late and b) I don't have Balephon's list here, so can't go into precise details here.
Suffice to say we played the Messengers scenario, and I won.
Here's what I learned from the battle:
> I do not have enough units to devote to messenger-chasing. It my Sabretusks don't kill them, and my maneaters don't shoot them, they will most likely survive. Oh well. I'll have to focus on killing the enemy instead. As a last resort I can use my Messengers to shoot my opponent's, but only if all else failed.
> I switchex my Maneaters' Stobborn rule for Poisoned Attacks, and boy, did that pay off. Both a Necrosphinx and a unit of six sepulchral knights died by my Maneaters' hand. Good stuuf.
> I wonder hoe many people will complain about Hellheart. As far as I can see there is only one other OK player, so not too many people will face a Hellheart. Should be fun if people aren't used to facing it :p
> Pay attention while deploying! Important!
> Btw, I predict rolling a 1 for Hellheart at least once.

Painting - What's the Score

For this tournament players can earn 'soft' points for painting. 25 points can be accrued, with a max of 20 of those counting towards your final score. The criteria of when you get how many points is clearly outlined in the Rulespack. The way I see it, my army should receive 12 points for painting. And just so we're clear. My army only has the most basic of base colours, and, to be honest, it looks abysmal :p So it'll be fun to see if I've managed to 'cheat the system' and will be awarded 12 out of 20 points for basically 2 half days of painting.
I can be evil like that :p

Alright, that's it. I'm off to bed! Good luck to me, Balephon, and Shalen tomorrow. I'll try and post some updates during the day! Wish us luck!

woensdag 9 november 2011

Midweek Modelling - 9 Nov 11

My finished Leadbelcher
Heyho, time for an update!

This week my modelling and painting has been focussed on one thing and one thing only:

My Ogres!

This saturday I wil participate in a tournament and I need the army ready (not finished, mind) to play. The army I'll be using will be familiar to those couple of people who stop by here regularly. Check here for a reminder.

I have given up trying to paint each and every Ogre to the standard I would like, see picture. That would take too much time and, as you might know, I have been busy painting loads of other stuff. So, I have decided, true to form, to just paint basecoats on all the models in the army and finish them at a later time. Sure, I'll get less points for painting, but I go there to have fun and play new people, not to win best painted.

Anyway, the past few days have mostly been about assembling and getting all the models ready. Since doing basecoats isn't such a timeconsuming process, or so I always think, I have left it quite late. As the army stands now I have assembled and greenstuffed everything, and it's waiting to get undercoated tomorrow.

Ironblaster, Guts, Bulls, Maneaters

Here's a pic of most of the army as it stands now (I know, fuzzy pic).

None of these models have the proper paintjob so I'll have to redo the ones that have paint on them. As my might be able to make out, all the models have obscured faces. This has to do with the background of my army, which really is a way of my not having to use the ugly ogre faces and instead using something I can actually Greenstuff myself. Look at the leadbelchers at the top to see how they'll look once done more or less properly.

I've tried to convert all the characters I'll be using myself. Here's them now:
BSB, Slaughtermaster, Butcher

Again, don't mind the paint, or the obvious greenstuff, things will get better later, promise ;)

Finally, as a bonus of sorts, my Butcher using Heavens from a different angle. Since I liked the idea of different cults of butchers for different lores of magic (Firebelly for Fire), I decided this wizard was more into lightning and such and had his body modified (by rattish engineers, no doubt) accordingly!

Rights, that's it for now. I have to get back to painting! I'll keep you updated!

maandag 7 november 2011

Game Night!

*EDIT - and once again the blogger app ate my lay-out. Fixed now, with apologies*

Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of Game Night! where I'll talk about any specific gameplay bits  that I have participated in over the week. I'm still getting to grips with the new blog format but these post should be arriving more regarly :p

For this week's installment, I have three different items for you. First up will be a Thunderstomp Battle Review of a multiplayer battle we did in the final turn of our Fantasy Campaign, using the scenario from the rulebook. So for everyone who's wondered if that's a fun and fair way to do a three-player battle, this one will be for you!

Second, for a little dose of 40k, I'll do my initial thoughts on the new Necron Codex. I've been pouring over my copy since Thursday (I do enjoy usually being able getting my hands on a new book a couple of days before the official release!) and I have a few ideas to share with you. Nothing too serious, go to 3++ for that!

Finally, I have three army ideas to discuss with you, all possibilities for me to use for my half of a Fantasy doubles tournament in December. So, let's get to it!

dinsdag 1 november 2011

Thalenchar's Recap - Halloween edition

The very first! Like I mentioned here, this post will be about games stuff I have found online or just have been thinking about myself, as well as some news and other bits and bobs. Also, some American Football!

Let's get that out of the way first. This has been a very good weekend, Football wise. Almost perfect, I'd say. The Eagles won (more on that later), Dallas lost, as did Washington, and the Giants nearly lost to the winless Dolphins! Had the Giants lost, this would have been a perfect weekend for Eagles fans. Now it's just a really, really good weekend. And after losing four of the past five, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Almost-Reallife Blood Bowl Thoughts:
> Now that was just a spanking the Eagles gave to the Cowboys. 34-7 and it wasn't even that close. Wow. When everything clicks for the Eagles they are scary good. Kudoes all round. Everyone played great. It was another great game by runningback Lesean McCoy, and the O-Line is finally clicking. Great job by defensive coordinator Juan Castillo too.
> I don't like the Cowboys, but I have to mention Demarcus Ware. Four sacks of the elusive Michael Vick is really good. Well done. But I hope you have four less in the rematch.
> Wow, did Baltimore cut that close or what? Winning on a last second field goal after being 18 pts behind to Arizona, winners of 1 game this season, at the half? Weren't the Ravens supposed to be better?
> One week after putting up as many points as have ever been scored in the NFL since the merger 40 odd years ago (62 pts vs Colts last week), the New Orleans Saints lose to the St. Louis Rams, winners of zero games so far. Well, one game now. What's up with that?
> Boy, I hope tebowing doesn't become the next big thing... That would be just silly. Leave the man be, already.

As some of you know, I am Dutch. And it is in that capacity, that of a Dutch Wargamer, that I bring you the following info. A new webstore has opened up today. Check it out on . Not only does it offer a nice discount on retail prices, but it also serves as a meeting point for people looking to play a game of warhammer. So if you live in or near Almere and are looking for other players, make sure to check it out!   

Finally, some other news: I'll be participating in a Warhammer doubles tournament in December. Doubles tournaments are great fun, but the one thing I always struggle with is deciding which army to take. Add to that that this Tournament is just 1200 pts per team (i.e. 600 per player) and I'm having a real challenge figuring out what to bring. Thankfully my partner already knows he'll bring Empire, so that at least helps a little bit. All I need to do now is make a 600 pts army that complements one of the best all-round armies in the game! So far I have narrowed it down to 3 possible options. I'll talk you through them Friday. Who know's, I might have even made up my mind by then! Yeah, right... 

And that's it for today! See ya! Oh yes, and I hope everyone had a happy halloween!

Thunderstomp - Phase 2

I started this blog 2 months ago, more or less on a whim. I thought it would be fun and provide me with an outlet for all my Warhammer-related thoughts and ideas. Originally I planned on writing stuff whenever the mood struck me (which was at least every other day) about whatever I thought was fun to discuss. Basically trusting in my gamer's enthusiasm to see me through!

Recently though I felt I needed a bit more structure in my Blog to keep it from going stale. I've been posting mostly about painting (because that's what I've been doing) but I want this blog to be about more than just that. I don't know about you, but I can only look at so many pictured of WiP miniature soldiers :p
So, after a think I have decided to divvy up my posting according to a more or less set schedule! This way you guys will know a bit about what you can expect and it will help me think of stuff to write. Good all round, I'd say!

Anyway, here's what I have in mind:

<I'm changing these to cooler names as I come up with them, btw>

donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Painting Madness - Problem!

After a short vacation I'm back and ready to post! Been busily painting and I've run into a small problem. I'm working on the Chaos Warrios for my fire themed Warriors of Chaos army and I need to decide which colour scheme to use for the flames on the cloaks.

I'm leaning towards II myself, but I'm not sure. Which do you think looks better? The cloaks will stay black, albeit with highlights of course.

I'd show you the front of the models, but that's pretty much nearly complete, so I'll save that for the end of the month ;)


vrijdag 21 oktober 2011

Painting Madness - Shalen's Greenskins

From now on I'll stop calling my little brother my little brother and will refer to him with the much manlier name: Shalen!
There should be an accent on there somewhere, I'm sure, and I promise to occasionally try and remember to put it on properly!

Now, as you might know, Shalen has joined me in my painting challenge, pledging to paint 100 points of Orcs each  month for a year. Here are his batches for september and october!

woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Ogre Kingdoms - Army Builds part 1

How cool are these?
Ogres come in a variety of different flavours, as the picture can attest. An ogre can pretty much fit in anywhere, being mercenaries, although wherever an Ogre is, he always pretty much does the same things: fight and eat.

I have pretty much settled on the list I'll be using for the upcoming tournament, and I very much doubt I'll be changing it more than finetuning it, but recently I was thinking about some other builds that can be made with the new book. After fiddling with the points and looking at different concept, I came up with two lists that a) I would feel pretty comfortable using myself and b) give you a fair chance of victory as well.  

Now I'm sure there are other options in the book that work and work well for some, but these are the three builds (including my tourney build) I would expand my Ogre Kingdoms collection around.

As seems fitting when talking about lists on the interwebz, I've tried to come up with some names for the list. In this article I will be looking at the first of these:

The Smashmouth Ogres!

maandag 17 oktober 2011

Painting Madness - Month 2 WiP

Time to show you what I'm working on for this month.

For those who don't know, I've pledged to paint a certain amount of points for various armies each month in an effort to get rid of the backlog of unpainted stuff I have. And I have a lot.... :p

It's an initiative started on Warseer (Fantasy here and 40K here), and I've continued it (on a smaller scale) here. Two people have also pledged to paint stuff each month, both Orcs and Goblins, so that'll make for some nice update pics.

donderdag 13 oktober 2011

More Greenskin Painting!

Quick post today. Working on a large post on combat character viability for tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

I have another person joining me in my quest to paint a monthly total: my brother! Pledging a hundred points per month, this should be good! Keep your eyes tuned here for pics :)

On the viability of combat characters

Now that the OK army book has been out for a while and the dust is starting to settle, we can see that Ogre Kingdoms really is a well-designed army. The defining trait of any well-designed army is, to me, that you have a good number of units to choose from when look at each and every slot in the army. And by slots I mean Lords, Heroes, Core, Special, and Rare choices. Ogre Kingdoms has this almost everywhere.

You can go with all Bulls or Ironguts in Core, mix it up, and add Gnoblars to taste. Taking just Gnoblars as Core is something I haven't seen an effective list with, but having one weaker choice out of three isn't that bad.

Most Rare choices are also viable at least, and deciding which to pick (and which to leave at home) can be a nightmare. Sure, some choices are better than others, but on a whole there's three, arguably four, very solid choices in the Rare section of the book.

Special choices are the same. Three very solid choices vying for points, with the other three also useful-to-very useful in various builds. Very nicely designed and probably the best section in the book.

Btw, don't think of this as my version of an OK review. I'll do a more in depth one later, this is just superficially what's good.

If we move to characters, Heroes specifically, we see the same thing. Both wizard and fighter characters are useful, although the Hunter and the Firebelly are probably more situational than the Bruiser and the Butcher. Still, you can get pretty tight on Heroes points if you don't watch out!

Where am I going with this, you ask? And how on earth does this all tie in with the post's title?

dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

Exciting News!

After a busy weekend and some time to 'recover' I'm back to post more stuff! Have a few things planned for this week, including updates on my painting, campaign news, and some reviews for an Ogre unit or two (much like my Leadbelchers one). Plenty of stuff for those interested!

But I wanted to start with something really cool. Those who know me can tell you that I always get excited when new armies are released for either Fantasy or 40k. No matter which one it is, my initial reaction will always be: "Cool! I want it! Let's see what kinds of lists I can build with the new book!"
This always leads to me buying the new book and very often also to me buying one (or more) of the new kits.

So it won't come as a surprise that the following news got me really excited!

Apparently, GW is planning on releasing small army lists for (mostly) previously unreleased factions in the Warhammer World, including several kits and characters for each of them!

So far rumour has it they're planning to release no less than 5(!) factions over an as-of-yet undetermined period of time, but supposedly the first one will be released sooner than expexted (6 monts?).

The factions as they are known by the interwebz now are: Kislev, Araby, some kind of Insectoids, and something with pikes (Tilea?).

Kislev will unsurprisingly be the first one released. I say unsurprising because they have been released as a side faction before, and supposedly many of the older models will be re-released, although there's mention of new horses and a new ice sorceress!

Overall, I am very thrilled to hear this. Normally I wouldn't just repeat rumours on here, but I think that this, if true, is an absolutely wonderful idea by GW to explore the factions on the fringe of the Warhammer World and simultaneously release cool new stuff!

Can't wait for these releases!

Oh yes, almost forgot to mention the most important thing: these releases will not affect the release/updates of any of the established armies. So no need to worry!

Btw, all info comes from warseer. There's more info than what I posted here, but just check the link and you can see for yourself! The first post should be updated with new info as it becomes available, so keep an eye on that. I know I will!

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Fantasy Campaign - Turn 4 movement

Today we played the fourth turn in our 8 turn Fantasy Campaign. For those people who don't know, it's a map based campaign with a secret mission to capture certain territories for each player. It's all about attrition as we play battles every turn and lose units that die/flee, but we can only "buy back" units up to 500 pts or
so each turn. With each player's total army worth 6500 pts 500 isn't that many!

I can explain in more detail what happened where but after moving our Army Banners on the map we ended up with three battles. 3500 pts OnG vs 3000 HE was the big one. Would this be the battle where the greenskins got their revenge for the beating they received in T2?

The second battle was part II of the battle HE and Skaven fought last turn, 2000 vs 2000. Last turn ended in a draw which meant we would have to refight, but only with the troops left/bought back. Could the Skavrn finally dislodge the Elves from their hold on the Skaven flank?

And the final battle is between two 500 pts scout forces, HE vs Skaven. Nothing too important now, but the way our campaign is set up, Scout forces can play an important role later since they can provide an easy 500 pts boost to another army. Trying to do what damage you can to enemy Scout forces can only help later, since no player is likely to spend his precious 500 replenishment points on a lowly Scout Force!

So plenty of action going on and with plenty more to come. For instance, there is a 1000 pts HE banner making it's way to the Skaven Capitol...

And also, being at the Campaign's midway point, the time to start moving to claim those Objectives is very near!

More later!

Another victim!

Yes, I dragged someone else into my web! Or rather, I found a mate who'll commit to painting each month as well. It's my good friend, the OnG player from our campaign, an he's pledged to paint 100 pts a month. Since he never visits Warseer he won't join the Tale officially, but that's ok since I'll just show his progress on here!

These are the Night Goblins he's done for the last month, 20 Archers + Full Command and 3 Fanatics. Not exactly sure how many points it is, but I do believe the Fanatics alone are 75 pts so he's well over his target points.

I think he's done a cracking job of painting the Goblins and I really like the red as a spot colour. If you look at the pic and wonder why that model on the left is more grey than the rest, well, that's GW's grey varnish special again! I don't know what it is with that stuff but it just does that sometimes. Another mate of mine has had that happen to an army as well (ironically, also Night Goblins). Annoying!

Actually, I've been outdone this month, since in spite of what I've painted, I didn't do a matching moving tray, and he has!

I'm not sure yet what his next 100 pts will be, but I know I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result!

Anyone else wanna join too?

woensdag 5 oktober 2011

Painting Madness - Month 1

Madness I tell you!
And the first month is in the books... Well, for me it was more a long weekend than a month, but that's my own fault for not joining sooner. It's not as though as I hadn't been painting Clanrats already...

I'll keep it nice and short for this one. I'll just show you what I've done and talk about what is coming next!

First up, Skaven!

dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Leadbelchers and how they fit...

by Lew_b81, not me!
I have been painting my @ss off...

I'll show more pictures when I make them, but suffice to say I'm having more fun painting now than I have had in a loooong while...

So much for the small painting update, let's get to the post for today:

As some of you might have noticed, I play Ogres. Part of the fun for me is looking around the interwebz and seeing what other people are writing about the big bullies. Mostly I look at tactics and reviews, often I look at rules queries, sometimes I look at cool models, and very occasionally I get mixed up in silly power level debates...

Now, Nike is doing a review on his blog, which you can find here, and I think so far he's doing a good job. I  don't always agree with him, but hey, there isn't a person in the world I agree with all the time. It's nice and refreshing to read other people's views, especially if they differ from mine.

One of the points we differ on is on how we view leadbelchers. In short, I feel they are a valid choice. And I thought I should write a more in depth post on why I feel they are.

zondag 2 oktober 2011

Painting Madness - Progress Report

This is what I've been working on yesterday and today.

Since I decided to sign up for Tale of the Painters (yesterday!) I pretty much had just one day left for my first batch of models.
Now, I can paint pretty fast (one of the few advantages of regularly painting armies for tournaments in the 48 hrs before the start) but I wanted to finish these models to a slightly higher standard, plus I didn't have that much time to paint anyway.

So, to recap, the goal each month is to paint a set number of points. The total number of points is either 1000 or 2000, so that would make 100 or 200 pts a month for 10 months.
For the remaining 2 months you can use a Joker, which basically allows you to skip a month when it is impossible to paint due to real life stuff. Personally my goal is to ignore Jokers exist. Once I start skipping months I know it'll be that much harder for me to get back to painting.

We'll see!

Here's what I've been up to.

vrijdag 30 september 2011

Painting Madness - Tale of the Painters

Painting Madness!
Ohoh, now I've done it....

I've gone and signed up for Warseer's Tale of the Fantasy Painters.

For those who don't know what it is, it's basically a commitment to paint a set number of points of a given army every month for a year. Now, those who know me know I Suck (capital S) at sticking to a single project for longer than a few weeks, so this should be a challenging task indeed.

However, I have so much unpainted stuff laying around (Skaven, Ogres, WoC, to name but a few) I feel I need to start working through the piles of unpainted soldiers.

donderdag 29 september 2011

Battle Report - Ogres vs Orcs n Goblins, attempt two

Alright, let's try this again, shall we?

As I was trying to tell you yesterday, I played another playtest battle with my Ogres tuesday. This time I played vs Greenskins, captained by my little brother. He's the one who made that giant, and I think it's awesome. Seeing it always make me crack a smile.
My brother started playing Fantasy over a decade ago, his main army being Orcs and Goblins, and over the years he accumulated quite a collection. He hasn't been playing Fantasy exclusively in those years, sometimes favouring Mordheim or sometimes just no tabletop games at all. Recently his interest in the game has been rekindled, mostly due to 8th edition being more fun and, to a lesser extent, an ever-nagging sibling (that would be me) badgering him to play more.
So, he and I both have signed up for the same tournament and we would be trying out our tournament armies against each other.

This is probably a good time to mention that I have never lost a game of warhammer to my brother. Plenty of draws, but never a loss. You can imagine how much it means to both of us to break the streak / keep the streak intact, respectively. Honour was at stake!

Ok, on to the armies!

Delayed Post

Damn Blogger App has eaten the post I planned on posting today. I had this beautiful battle review of the Ogres vs Greenskins battle ready, and now it's lost somewhere!
I guess I'll try it again tomorrow. Can't be bothered rewriting it today....

dinsdag 27 september 2011

Battle Report - Ogres vs Dark Elves

Another batrep from a playtest battle for my Ogres. I'm still on track for that Tournament in November, and I'm trying to squeeze in as many games with my Ogres as possible in between Campaign Battles.

On a side not, I really should get started on painting my Ogres if I want to avoid my typical routine of 'paint nothing until 2 days before the tournament, then paint till 3am on the day of the tournament, and then play in said tournament while being sleep deprived and unsatisfied with my rushed paintjob'.

Regardless, if I don't playtest this army I'll not win many games anyway, so let's get to the fighting!

I would be playing my mate whose usual army is High Elves. He felt a need for change for this battle, however, and decided to take his dark cousins for a spin.

Here are the armies:

maandag 26 september 2011

Fantasy for the 40k'er - Quick Tips

Ten tips for those 40k players looking to get into Fantasy:

1) Charges happen at the start of your turn, not after the shooting phase.
2) If you thought Perils of the Warp was annoying, wait till your wizard suffers his first miscast and you have to make the roll on the miscast table...
3) Unlike 40k, it is possible to win a battle with only combat units and no missile units. Of course, missile troops do help.
4) Turning is done around the centre of a unit. Wheeling is done around a corner of a unit.
5) Ask your opponent beforehand if he is ok with you using Special Characters eventhough technically you do not have to.
6) You measure the charge distance between the two closest points of the charging unit and the target unit. Once you've rolled your charge distance and have been found to be in range, you can move the charging unit into contact with the target, no matter how many inches it actually costs.
7) You are only allowed one Wheel move during your charge though! 'Closing the door' does not count as your one Wheel move.
8) Forget about bringing anti-mech. Bring anti-magic instead.
9) You can always wound something on a roll of 6. Always.
10) Eventhough there are more than 15 different armies to choose from, you can rest assured knowing none of them are a variation of Space Marines...

zondag 25 september 2011

Fantasy Campaign Battle Review

Well, that was an odd battle...

To quickly set the scene: 2*1000 pts of High Elves vs 2*1000 pts of Skaven fighting in T3 of our current Fantasy Campaign. The High Elf player was defending and had fortified the Territory earlier, allowing him to place 2 Buildings and 3 Barricades in his deployment zone.

Mission was a Meeting Engagement.

Here are the armies:

vrijdag 23 september 2011

Fantasy Campaign - Turn 3 Moves

And here we have the updated map for Turn 3 of our campaign. There is a fair bit of repositioning going on and not so many outright battles. Apparently we are all getting ready for a bigger push in T4. It's not all moving and no action though!

Let's look at what's happening:

After winning big in the North, the High Elves are looking to push the Orcs and Goblins further south while simultaneously trying to get closer to where more of the action is happening (territories 25-28).
The High Elf Banner 5 tried to drag Orcs and Goblins Banner 4 in a battle in Territory 21, while HE banners 1 and 6 try to do the same to OnG banner 2. If you remember, these OnG banners were both soundly beating the previous turn where he was already severly outnumbered (2500 vs 3500), so the last thing the OnG player wants is to have to fight those same HE again while he still isn't back up to full strenght!

woensdag 21 september 2011

Army - 1000 pts clan Moulder

I'm doing it again...

Currently I have a Deathwing army to finish, I am participating in a Fantasy Campaign for which I need to paint all the models I need to field (all the Army Banners are worth a combined 6500 pts), I'm working on 2400 pts worth of Ogres for a upcoming Tournament, and I have plans for a 2400 pts Warriors of Chaos army as a side project.
Plenty of units to put together and paint, I would say.

So what do I do?

Exactly. I start a new army...

Special Characters in Fantasy - yay or nay?

Saramoff is doing a OK review over on 3++, where they occasionally take a break from posting cracking 40K stuff to dabble in the Fantasy side of things.

When he wrote his Special Character review (which you can find here), it made me realise there is a fundamental difference between special characters in 40k and Fantasy.

Taking Special Characters is a lot more 'special' in Fantasy than it is in 40K.

Most of the 40k army lists that are out there use Special Characters to one degree or other. Seriously, try googling "Draigowing army list" and see how many hits you get.
Now, part of this is to do with the fact that certain Special Characters allow certain units to be taken in a different FOC slot, like Logan for Space Wolves, Draigo or Coteaz for GK, The Baron for DE, etc, etc. If you want Wolf Guard as Troops, you need to take Logan. Simple as that. And sometimes these unlocks can lead to a player being able to create a very good, or just plain better, list

maandag 19 september 2011

Fantasy Campaign -Turn 2

Yes, that is a Fantasy battle about to commence. Yes, those are bits of paper in the middle representing terrain. Yes, most models are unpainted. And yes, there was even a small bit of proxying going on.

(see that plastic dragon in the middle of the Orc line there? That's really a cleverly disguised pump wagon...)

This might be a good time to mention that we are also using this campaign as an excuse to get our armies ready and painted, and make sure we have some nice terrain to play over. Since this is only turn two, we're still very much in the 'assemble and undercoat' phase of our painting plan. But, not to worry, as the campaign progresses you will see more and more painted Skaven and Greenskins. Hell, you might even see the occasional High Elf done and finished on the table. If we can get the HE player to stop messing about and get his ass in gear, that is!

(I wonder if he'll read this and take the hint ;) )

Anyway! Last weekend we wrapped up turn 2 of our campaign. As you could see on the map we had three battles to fight. One between High Elves and Orcs n Goblins in territory 19, and two between O&G and Skaven, in territories 25 and 27.

vrijdag 16 september 2011

Fantasy Campaign - Map

And here it is, in all its full-coloured glory. Don't have too much time now so I will explain what is what later, but most things should be pretty selfexplanotory. Arrows indicate which banners are moving where. If opposing banners end up in the same Territory, battle will ensue.

Greenskins = Green
High Elves = Blue
Skaven = Red

donderdag 15 september 2011

Fantasy Campaign - Turn 1

I just remembered I had said I would explain some more about the Fantasy map campaign I'm in. Whoops, got distracted writing other stuff!

A little bit of background info first. Myself and two mates meet up one evening every two weeks and play games. We started doing this almost a year ago to sort of try and see if we could maintain a regular gaming evening, since we all love games. We started with just playing a board game of one type or another, but pretty soon one of us suggested we try our hands at a GW campaign. Since all three of us have been loyal GW games players for over a decade (including the occasional hiatus), we soon caught the gaming bug again and before we knew it, we were knee deep in our first Necromunda campaign since the early 2000s. What a fun game that is..!

Anyway! We actually played two consecutive Necromunda campaigns which in total lasted until about May or June of this year. Assembling and painting our gangs and then going out and playing games of Necromunda with them was just great fun.

(as an aside, I can wholeheartedly recommend playing a campaign of Necromunda to those who feel they need a break from 40k. It is just great and by far my favourite GW subgame)

After the second campaign, now fully convinced we would be able to keep our biweekly meetings going, we decided to try our hand at something a bit more... Well, just something a bit more!

My OK army - Thoughts - part 3

And we arrive at the final part of my OK army list analysis. With Characters and Core choices taken care of, all we need to do is spend the remaining points on Special and Rare choices.

Let's see what I have so far:

A lvl 4 slaughtermaster using the Great Maw lore with the Hellheart, with an Ironfist.
A lvl 2 Butcher using Heavens with a Dispel Scroll, with an Ironfist.
A BSB carrying the Banner of Eternal Flame, with heavy armour and an Ironfist.
9 Bulls with Ironfist, musician, standard bearer.
9 Ironguts, musician, standard bearer, Standard of Discipline.

That's 1367 of my 2400 pts spent, with 715 of those going in Core. That leaves plenty for some nice Special choices, and I know just which two units I want to take.

dinsdag 13 september 2011

My OK army - Thoughts - part 2

After more or less deciding what to do with my characters, it's time to look at the rest of my army.
To recap, so far I have a lvl 4 slaughtermaster using the Great Maw lore and with the Hellheart, a lvl 2 Butcher using Heavens with a Dispel Scroll, and a BSB carrying the great utility Banner of Flaming Wonder aka Banner of Eternal Flame.

One of the things you notice flipping through the new book is that there are a lot of goodies in the Special and Rare sections, and that the Core section seems pretty bland. Of course, this can be said of a lot of Core sections in other books, and at least we get two different troop type (Infantry and Monstrous Infantry), but compared to Special and Rare, Core seems a bit meh.

maandag 12 september 2011

Thunderstomp Painting - Dark Eldar Succubus

Ok, that's not a Dark Eldar Succubus. It's a Chaos Warrior Exalted Champion, painted by me when I still played Chaos somewhere in 5th or 6th (I don't remember exactly). But the pic does have a point. Allow me to explain...

I am not very good at painting entire armies. I am the kind of gamer who loves playing with painted armies, but who never has completely painted armies unless it is for a tournaments (where I get soft score points for painting). And even then, the army will most likely have been "completed" (I use the term loosely) approximately 6 hrs before the start. If you've ever been to a tournament, you know the kind of gamer I am talking about.

I'll just flat out admit it.

My OK army - Thoughts - part 1

I thought I might write about how I came about choosing the army in its current form. It's still subject to change while I playtest it, but here is the thought process behind why I chose what I did.

Some general info first: This is the army I will bring to a tournament in a couple of months, and as such I'm bound by the restrictions the TO implements. Nothing too drastic, fortunately.

It's a 2400 point tournament, no special characters, a max of 2 duplicate Special Choices, and a max of 1 on duplicate Rare choices. Which is to say I can only take every Special Choice twice, and every Rare just the once. Nothing too bad, although I would like to have been able to take two Ironblasters. Oh well.

zondag 11 september 2011

Battlereport: Ogres vs Tomb Kings

Here we are with another battlereport. This time it was a clash between my Ogres and my mate's Tomb Kings. We have a tournament coming up in a couple of months so we decided to playtest our armies. For the report, once again I will keep it short and sweet, focussing more on analysis than on an actual blow-by-blow of what happened. I think it's more interesting this way, but that could be just me ;)

On to the armies!

woensdag 7 september 2011

Start of our Fantasy Campaign

Apparently today was the day me and 2 mates were going to start with our very own Map-based Fantasy campaign. We decided we were going to do one of those just prior to the summer and had set the starting date to 'sometime after the summer'. Well, today was that day! Luckily for me I had already planned my different armies and I was ready to go! I just need to remember what the fluff was for my army...

Anyway, in short the campaign works as follows: we made a map, consisting of 60 territories. Of these, 5 were marked as Primary Objectives, and another 5 were Secondary Objectives. Next, we created about eight-ten Risk style mission cards, each listing two Primary Objectives and two Secondary Objectives. Each player was dealt a mission card before the start of the campaign.
To win the campaign a player receives points for controlling Objective territories at the end of the Campaign. The Objectives on his mission card are worth the most points, but you can gain points for controlling other Objectives as well. And of course, whoever has the most points wins. Our campaign will last for 8 campsign turns.
To capture territories players needed to make one large army and then divide it up into smaller battlegroups. We decided on using a fixed number of these battlegroups, each with a fixed number of points. This because playing in a map campaign can be tricky and we wanted to not complicate things too much by using a random number of Battlegroups.

The different battlegroups we use are:
One 2500 points army
Three 1000 points armies, one of which has to be Quick or Fast (I'll go into detail what that means in another post)
Two 500 pts Scout armies (again, I'll fully explain later)

So that's a grand total of 6500 pts. Both the total army and each of the smaller forces should be legal armies. So yes, that means a maximum of 1 BSB in total, no more than 3 of any given rare choice, etc. We did not allow special characters. Magic Items were severly limited. No player is allowed to use magic items unless he controls one or more of a few territories that allow him to take, for instance, a magic weapon.

The armies participating are High Elves, Orcs & Goblins, and Skaven. I'm playing the ratkin!

Tomorrow I'll write about how the first turn went and how things stand now.

maandag 5 september 2011

OK Tryout 2 - Part 2

Continuing from yesterday...

Mission: Pitched Battle Deployment: (I'll try and fix a fancy image to make this clearer as soon as I can)

Tomb Kings, from left to right : Chariots;Catapult&Casket ;Archers w Hierophant;Hierotitan;Archers w lvls 4&2;Catapult;Warsphinx;Carrion;Necropolis Knights.

Ogres from their left to their right: Ironblaster & Ironblaster ;Gnoblars in front of Bulls w BSB;Gnoblars in front of Ironguts w SM; ; Sabretusks w Hunter. Maneaters deployed 12" away from the Necropolis Knights in the corner of the TK deployment zone.

OK Tryout 2 - Part 1

And here we are with the battlereport for my second battle with the new OK book. I have to admit, so far I'm loving the new book. Making armylists is a challenge since I always seem to be running out of points too soon! That means there are plenty of viable units to choose from, which is a good thing. Now I need to see which units have the best synergy, and which build suits my playstyle best.

So, for the battle: it's a 2400 pts battle vs Tomb Kings. I am curious to see how the Ogres will fare against another 8th book. Also, I have a 2400 pts tournament coming up in about 10 weeks, so I need all the practice I can get!

Here are the armies:

zaterdag 3 september 2011

First battle w Ogre Kingdoms

Alright, my first tryout battle with the new OK is in the books. It was a 1000 pts skirmish vs Skaven and it was fun to try some of the new stuff. I learned quite a few things. Not least of which was relearning that I really do not like Doomwheels when they don't suffer a serious mishap.

OK, on to the armies:

Plague Priest (Cloud of Corruption)
Warlock Engineer (Warp Lightning)
31 Clanrats, shield, full command, Mortar Team
40 Slaves, shield, musician.
13 Night Runners, sling
5 Gutter Runners, sling, poison
Warp Lightning Cannon

Firebelly, 2 hand weapons, level 2 (Fireball, Flaming Sword)
9 Ogres, 2 hand weapons, musician, standard, gnoblar
3 Ironguts, standard
3 Leadbelchers
2 Mournfangs, heavy armour, fist.

I won't be doing an elaborate turn-by-turn description because a) I should really have taken pictures for that to work properly and b) it was all over far too soon anyway.

Here's what happened:

donderdag 1 september 2011

New Ogre Kingdoms - First thoughts

Just got the new OK book earlier today and am in the middle of reading through it now.

First thoughts:
> No real surprises, pretty much the whole book was leaked and most info had been established as accurate. Still very glad to finally have it!
> I am loving Hellheart. It'll definitely be an auto-include for me for a while. Very random and very deadly, it's the perfect item for me.
> Slaughtermaster over Tyrant for me, every time.
> Points will be tight for heroes. In my standard 2400pts list I need a BSB, I want a Firebelly (Breath Attacks in combat are awesome for monstrous infantry vs regular infantry), and then I'll probably need to decide if I want a third hero or not... A hunter to join the sabretusks on a flank? We shall see.
> Speaking of flanks, I think a min sized Mournfang unit with full armour and a champ (10pts for another Ogre attack? Yes, please!) will make a great flanking unit. At 150 pts per unit, with M8, impact hits, 13 attacks, and a 2+ save (and parry), they will be tough for any flanking unit to handle.
> Not sure if I'll include either of the two new big beasties... There is already so much to choose from and I need a good think about how to best to use them. For now I'm leaning towards a Thundertusk over a Stonehorn, just because of the utility the TT provides over the SH's sheer combat ooompf. Don't look at me like that. Ooompf is a word.
> Ironblaster seems great. A T6 chariot that can fire a reliable cannon shot on the move is great, never mind the S10 grapeshot. Big monsters will not enjoy battling my Ogres.
> Trappers are awesome...

Prediction time:

> I think yhetees will be one of those units people won't take often at first but that will be used more later on. M7 and swiftstride, coupled with I4 and S5 makes for a very fast and deadly unit (against the right target, of course).
> I think we will not see the dreaded Maneater combi of Brace of Pistols, Poison, and Sniper quite as often as is feared. At 62 pts a model the unit will be quite expensive and range 24"  will only get you so far... Maybe replacing poison for scouts or vanguard will allow you to be in a better position to actually take those shots at wizards. If that's what you really want to spend 186 pts on, of course...

Alright, that's it for now. Time to get back to the book and start making some armies!

Tomb Kings Review 1

Tomb Kings Review

All right, here goes!
If you’re reading this it will mean I’ve actually gone through with a plan for once and I’ll have finished the first of my reviews for Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition.

Kicking off this series of reviews of Armybooks will be everyone’s favourite desert dwellers, the Tomb Kings of Khemri.

So how will this work? I’ll start off with describing how the army handles on the table, what its general strengths and weaknesses are, and how they are different from the other armies out there. Next will be a review of all the units in the book, as well as a look at magic lores and magic items. All fairly in-depth and with an aim to be useful to Warhammer players of all levels (just starting to true longbeards) and all skill levels (classic ‘beer and pretzel’ to ‘competitive’ <yugh, I hate that term>).  Sounds ambitious? Well, it is. We’ll see how I’ll end up!

Off we go…

And away we go!

Alright, here we are. The very beginning. The beginning of what exactly I'm not sure, but we'll see where we'll end up...
I just got a new (smart)phone and I thought that was all the excuse I needed to start this blog.

This blog will be mostly about Warhammer Fantasy. I'll go into more detail about me and my interests later because, really, no one is going to read this yet anyway :p What I plan on doing is writing about aspects of the game that interest me, like tactics, army lists, and different army builds.
I enjoy going to Tournaments and I plan on writing about my preparation, actual games, and army-in-hindsight post. I'm also planning on doing reviews of the different army books, starting with the three books that have been released for 8th edition. I'm well underway with the Tomb Kings review and I'll most likely start with the first installment tomorrow!
Next week myself and a couple of mates will start our very own Map Campaign, so I'll use this blog to post updates on that as well.
I have lots of other ideas for articles and series as well. Like writing about different aspects of the current edition, basic tabletop skills that will help you be a better player, thoughts about terrain, magic, and whatever else I can think of.
The focus will be on gaming and listbuilding, less so on painting and converting. I am the kind of player who greatly enjoys painting single models, but finds it extremely difficult to find large quantaties of models to a high standard. I get bored :p I also never bothered with honing my conversion skills beyond kitbashing and some basic green-stuffing. So, any army logs that might end up on here will be about true gamer's armies, not wonderful works of Warhammer wonder.
Ok, that should give you a fairly good idea of what kind of stuff you can find on here. Like I said: Away we go!


P.S. I do play 40k as well, so there might be some 40k related posts on here as well occassionally. Heck, I'll probably do a bunch of crossover posts as well. Don't say I didn't warn you!