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dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

Exciting News!

After a busy weekend and some time to 'recover' I'm back to post more stuff! Have a few things planned for this week, including updates on my painting, campaign news, and some reviews for an Ogre unit or two (much like my Leadbelchers one). Plenty of stuff for those interested!

But I wanted to start with something really cool. Those who know me can tell you that I always get excited when new armies are released for either Fantasy or 40k. No matter which one it is, my initial reaction will always be: "Cool! I want it! Let's see what kinds of lists I can build with the new book!"
This always leads to me buying the new book and very often also to me buying one (or more) of the new kits.

So it won't come as a surprise that the following news got me really excited!

Apparently, GW is planning on releasing small army lists for (mostly) previously unreleased factions in the Warhammer World, including several kits and characters for each of them!

So far rumour has it they're planning to release no less than 5(!) factions over an as-of-yet undetermined period of time, but supposedly the first one will be released sooner than expexted (6 monts?).

The factions as they are known by the interwebz now are: Kislev, Araby, some kind of Insectoids, and something with pikes (Tilea?).

Kislev will unsurprisingly be the first one released. I say unsurprising because they have been released as a side faction before, and supposedly many of the older models will be re-released, although there's mention of new horses and a new ice sorceress!

Overall, I am very thrilled to hear this. Normally I wouldn't just repeat rumours on here, but I think that this, if true, is an absolutely wonderful idea by GW to explore the factions on the fringe of the Warhammer World and simultaneously release cool new stuff!

Can't wait for these releases!

Oh yes, almost forgot to mention the most important thing: these releases will not affect the release/updates of any of the established armies. So no need to worry!

Btw, all info comes from warseer. There's more info than what I posted here, but just check the link and you can see for yourself! The first post should be updated with new info as it becomes available, so keep an eye on that. I know I will!

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