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maandag 12 november 2012

Imunda (BotA) vs Necromunda

Thalenchar asked me to write a short comparison between Necromunda and BotA – Book of the Arbiter (AKA one of the many versions of =][=, Imunda, INQ28, Inquisimunda am I missing any names?)
I prefer Imunda, for those of you who don’t know what Imunda is; let me start with a brief explanation.
Imunda is basically a mix of Gamesworkshops Special list games Necromunda and Inquisitor often with a little Mordheim on the side. A Skirmish game set in the 40k universe; it works best with a GameMaster/Arbiter as often the players end up with a situation that requires a GM’s guidance/rules/interpretation/story telling and what not. But of course it can be played without, which in my eyes just makes it a fancier version of Necromunda. (And that’s still a good thing!!)
So with all the versions of Imunda going around we (Balephon and myself) found one in particular that appealed to us the most it goes by the name; Book of the Arbiter.
And credit where credit’s due, BotA was written by Torben Kastbjerg and can be found here Book of the Arbitrator .

So with this book (99 pages of house rules) we played our first 3 games, nothing fancy, just 5 dudes 1 of which had to be the main character, one could be a character, and 3 Henchmen.
So let’s start comparing BotA with Necromunda, The first thing you’ll notice is the overhaul of the turn sequence.
Initiative: Instead of rolling of who goes first at the start of the battle, players Roll for Initiative, every turn.
Maintenance Phase: Once Initiative has been determined you move on to the Maintenance Phase, during this phase both players get to stand up certain pinned units, workout certain psychic effects, workout the fate of units that caught fire and some other things, at the end of this phase both players declare which units go into overwatch.
The Action Phase: Starting with the player who has the initiative for that turn, players in turn activate one (in bigger games this can also be a group of henchmen) of their units, that didn’t go into overwatch, let me explain; let’s say Balephon activates his Leader, he can now perform any allowed action, moves like sneak/walk/run/jump/charge etc, shoot, use psychic powers often these actions can be combined, once his leader performed all allowed actions, it’s my turn to activate a unit, who in turn can perform one or more of his allowed actions.
Close Combat Phase: During this phase all models that got into combat during the Action Phase get to perform their combat actions, some psychic powers get activated at the start of this phase, after that punches start to fly and blood starts to flow.

So were Necromunda gives one Gang the option to perform all actions before allowing the other player the same, BotA allows each player to activate one of his units, before allowing the other player the same. I prefer the BotA way over the Necromunda way, because this gives certain gang a fighting change, I.e. a Hand to Hand gang vs a shooting gang, BotA’s way gives the HTH gang a bit more survivability.
Another thing of which I like BotA’s way over the Necromunda way is shooting.
BotA allows units to shoot heavy weapons while making a normal move, shoot Basic and pistols when running, of course modifiers apply, but this gives a game of BotA a lot more action over Necromunda. In my example, I had 4 Marksmen (DV Chaos Cultists) with an Autogun, which could fire 3 shots per gun, while running!!!! Ok they had a -2 negative modifier, -1 for running, and -1 for firing full auto, so BS 3 suddenly becomes BS 1….and shooting doesn’t go as planned….(well in my case it did, Balephon was not happy I tell ya) even while having a -3 modifier (an extra -1 for shooting at someone partially in cover) requiring a roll of 6 and then a 4 to hit…..and still hitting 1 third of my shots!!!
Of course I could write about everything BotA has to offer, but I won’t, just before I tell you that you should give this rule set a try, I want to talk a bit about what I like most about BotA and that is Gang/Crew creation.
Where Necromunda gives you an x amount of fixed Gangs, BotA gives you a set of Races with basic profiles to work with, almost all races have access to 4 Classes, those classes are
1: Warrior; The fighter class, this class gives an extra WS as starting bonus, and can become true combat monsters
2: Rogue; the Lone wolves of any society, the only class that has the option of increasing their movement, though starting with an extra initiative
3: Marksman; Snipers, gun fighters, starting with an extra BS
4: Sage; Academics, priests, sorcerers, start with either an extra Will power or Leadership.
With the given races, Human, Ork, Eldar, Squat, Ratling, Ogryn, slaan, Tau, Kroot, etc etc you can create virtually ANY possible gang/crew you would like, you could even field a group of space marines,….though stat wise they are almost unbeatable and on the other hand they are incredibly expensive and can’t start with Power Armour…….

Now BotA is far from perfect, but it’s one of the, if not THE best Imunda rulesets I’ve found on the web. Balephon and I are currently looking to Improve/change aspects of BotA to match our Gaming groups “vision”. One example during the activation phase you are not allowed to activate a unit that you activated last during your last turn. When down during the maintenance phase, a roll of 1-4 gives a flesh wound, 5 remains down, 6 is out.  The +1 bonus for standing still when shooting only applies to basic weapons and pistols that fire single shots only, etc etc. of course we require input of the gaming group, but these are just a few examples of stuff we find require altering.
Now this might not have been a proper comparison, but that’s just because there’s too damn much to compare!! I can only say you should give this rule set a try!!
I know I enjoyed the 3 games I played against Balephon (perhaps because I also WON them, which doesn’t happen very often) I really hope BotA kicks in with my/our gaming group, and will “replace” Necromunda because BotA’s options are just to Awesome not to use!!.
So now before I hit an extra page (writing in word) check out BotA and make sure you thank the writer for his hardwork!!!
Cheers, Bra’tac
p.s there was a 4th game but I prefer to think it never happened.

woensdag 24 oktober 2012

Dutch 40K Grand Tournament 2012 Recap

That's what my whole army should look like
This past weekend I went to play in the Dutch GT 2012, bringing my Dark Eldar and seeing if I can get some more experience with the army. Also, I was aiming to not finish horribly in the overall standings (you know, like I usually do). Read on to see how I did!

maandag 10 september 2012

Hear Hear, Bra'tac has something to say!

Off we go then, my very first post on Thunderstomp!
thank you thank you, you're far to kind!!!

Before showing you what I've been building the past few days, I thought it would be nice to use the space allocated to me to talk some Blood bowl!!!
For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Blood Bowl
Coming Sunday will be the day of days, the very first  "Annual"  Necessary Roughness Blood Bowl Tournament, held at my  place for our little gamers group called Triplex Phall Techpriest.
This year will see 6 teams fighting for the awesomest of awesomestest  title of Club Blood Bowl Champion....Hopefully I can get a proper Trophy designed for next year's tournament so we can forget about this horrible title.

So let's have a look at who signed up with which team. (mind you, it's full of chaos) and being an arse ignoring etiquette and general politeness I'll start with myself.
I'll be Bringing my Chaos Warrior team called the Pitch Invaders.... (Count 1)  Balephon will be bringing "his" Prancing Squirrels as you might have guessed, wood elves for Balephon, I tried to get him to use one of his "actual teams" Orges or Humies but he wouldn't listen. Then we have Lord Thalenchar the ever versatile (could be his next title)  I mean that dude is everywhere, first you see him riding his mighty dragon into battle you blink twice and he's standing on the Pitch beating up the Referee , being a player/coach we'll see him bring his squad of Beastmen and  Warriors The Order of the Moon (Count 2) you might have thought those woodies aren't gonna last against all the violence those chaos teams will bring...hear this..A goblin team has signed up to participate, Coach Boelie will bring his Sneaky Gits we wish them all the best as they will need it, even more than the pansies brought by Balephon.  you guessed it (Count 3) the last of the chaos teams to participate in this tournament. Dre will be bring his Hell's Wanderers , having announced the last chaos team, it's now time to announce the last of the participants, Inzeen will bring his Stormwind Knights.  Will they be the first champions? who knows what they have in store, time will tell.
I won't be posting the rules here, the format I saved it in, does not allow me to copy paste it without the layout being F*ck#d up and I really can't be bothered fixing it. I can tell you this much, it will be a resurrection tournament with allies, Meaning that you have a fixed team and for every game your team will be the same, if players die on the pitch in game 1, they will be available again in game 2! and allies well..., you are not limited to your own roster, humans for instance can ally with Dwarfs, High elves and several other teams, should be fun fielding different races in one team, I know I like it fluff wise, if you haven't you should read the Blood Bowl Novels from the Black Library, and you'll understand what I mean.blacklibrary - Blood Bowl
I aim to post the tournament results somewhere next week, of course y 'all know who the winner will be.

Now then. leaving Blood Bowl for what it is, it's time to show you what I've been building last weekend. it's not spectacular just a simple kit bash to make myself a counts as Pedro Kantor.
Warning the following images were taken with a mobile phone, don't say I didn't warn you.

Name all the parts I used and an internet cookie will be awarded to you!

That's it for now, Thanks for reading


p.s please ignore any spelling and grammar fails you found.... they simply don't exist

maandag 20 augustus 2012

Monday Morning Gamer 20/8

Time to wake up :)
Goodmorning, goodmorning! It has been a while, but on this lovely sunny Monday I thought I´d  do another blog post. Consider these past few months my summer hibernation, and we´ll see if I can post with some regularity on here again!

Anyway, of course there’s a reason for me to start posting again. Not only has my good friend Apophis been hounding me for an update (thanks for that), but also I have made a deal with Balephon.  Both Balephon and myself are going to be participate in the Dutch 40K GT this autumn and we’ve decided to show our road to the tournament on here.

That’s not all for today. There’s also a small thing I’d like to mention as well. A brilliant (in my humble opinion) idea from the brains behind single models!,

Let’s get to it, eh?


dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Midweek Modelling 12-6

Hello all! A small update today. I'll show you the progress we've made with our Farewell to 5th painting challenge (yes, we're still working on this) and I thought I'd throw in a few other thing as well. Firstly, a pc version of a classic game and, secondly, a bit of news on 6th edition 40K. Here we go!

zaterdag 26 mei 2012

Sneak peek!

I have been sent this mysterious picture by Bra'tac. Apparently he's been hard at work painting for this week's part of our Farewell to 5th painting challenge.
I think the weathering looks awesome and I can't wait to see what he'll have done by the end of the week.
What do you guys think?

dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Monday Morning Gamer 22-5

Hello and good morning! I think this is a first: me actually posting a Monday Morning Gamer post on an actual morning! (It’s 8:14 am here, for those wondering). Sure, pessimists might point to the fact that it is Tuesday instead of Monday, but I choose to look at the glass as half full!

Anyway, another shortish post for you this morning. I have a few thoughts on the new Empire book. I know it’s been out for a while already, but I didn’t do a proper post on it before so I’ll mention some thoughts now. Secondly, we have another installment of our Farewell to 5th painting challenge. We’ve hit a sizeable snag last week, which I’ll mention below, but most of us managed to push through and get some painting done. Lastly, just some thoughts on the way army selection works in our group currently. Nothing big, just some thoughts I’ve had while playing in our Blood in the Badlands campaign.

Let’s get to is, shall we?