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maandag 10 september 2012

Hear Hear, Bra'tac has something to say!

Off we go then, my very first post on Thunderstomp!
thank you thank you, you're far to kind!!!

Before showing you what I've been building the past few days, I thought it would be nice to use the space allocated to me to talk some Blood bowl!!!
For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Blood Bowl
Coming Sunday will be the day of days, the very first  "Annual"  Necessary Roughness Blood Bowl Tournament, held at my  place for our little gamers group called Triplex Phall Techpriest.
This year will see 6 teams fighting for the awesomest of awesomestest  title of Club Blood Bowl Champion....Hopefully I can get a proper Trophy designed for next year's tournament so we can forget about this horrible title.

So let's have a look at who signed up with which team. (mind you, it's full of chaos) and being an arse ignoring etiquette and general politeness I'll start with myself.
I'll be Bringing my Chaos Warrior team called the Pitch Invaders.... (Count 1)  Balephon will be bringing "his" Prancing Squirrels as you might have guessed, wood elves for Balephon, I tried to get him to use one of his "actual teams" Orges or Humies but he wouldn't listen. Then we have Lord Thalenchar the ever versatile (could be his next title)  I mean that dude is everywhere, first you see him riding his mighty dragon into battle you blink twice and he's standing on the Pitch beating up the Referee , being a player/coach we'll see him bring his squad of Beastmen and  Warriors The Order of the Moon (Count 2) you might have thought those woodies aren't gonna last against all the violence those chaos teams will bring...hear this..A goblin team has signed up to participate, Coach Boelie will bring his Sneaky Gits we wish them all the best as they will need it, even more than the pansies brought by Balephon.  you guessed it (Count 3) the last of the chaos teams to participate in this tournament. Dre will be bring his Hell's Wanderers , having announced the last chaos team, it's now time to announce the last of the participants, Inzeen will bring his Stormwind Knights.  Will they be the first champions? who knows what they have in store, time will tell.
I won't be posting the rules here, the format I saved it in, does not allow me to copy paste it without the layout being F*ck#d up and I really can't be bothered fixing it. I can tell you this much, it will be a resurrection tournament with allies, Meaning that you have a fixed team and for every game your team will be the same, if players die on the pitch in game 1, they will be available again in game 2! and allies well..., you are not limited to your own roster, humans for instance can ally with Dwarfs, High elves and several other teams, should be fun fielding different races in one team, I know I like it fluff wise, if you haven't you should read the Blood Bowl Novels from the Black Library, and you'll understand what I mean.blacklibrary - Blood Bowl
I aim to post the tournament results somewhere next week, of course y 'all know who the winner will be.

Now then. leaving Blood Bowl for what it is, it's time to show you what I've been building last weekend. it's not spectacular just a simple kit bash to make myself a counts as Pedro Kantor.
Warning the following images were taken with a mobile phone, don't say I didn't warn you.

Name all the parts I used and an internet cookie will be awarded to you!

That's it for now, Thanks for reading


p.s please ignore any spelling and grammar fails you found.... they simply don't exist