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vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Campaign Update - First Batch of Player Fluff

Hello! Just a quick post today to share what kinds of fluff most players in our group have come up with so far. Mostly to do with main characters and potential alliances. Read at your own peril!

Apophis – High Elves:
This old line of the Kmer High Elves descended from the ancient five headed Naga god snake. Said to have fathered the dragons of the eastern hemisphere. As children of the Naga the Kmer resided in the eastern colonies of the vast High Elven empire. Having been assailed by hordes of barbarians for the last centuries the contact with the High Elves of Ultwan was minimal.
During this time contact with part of the Kmer was lost. The small colony of High Elves situated in the bad lands ruled by the brother of Jayavaraman. Reviving these old ties of kinsman ship the Kmer High Elves once again set sail to the bad lands to extend their dominance over these long forgotten lands.

High Lord Jayavaraman the magnificent, keeper of the golden sword, protector of the fate, ruler of the eastern colonies and lord of the badlands etc. etc.
As lord of the Kmer High Elves their Lord leads the High Elves into battle on his dragon Sailendra, one of the five original children of the Naga.

Counselor and High Mage of Shadow Yasodharapura
The right hand of Jayavaraman

Diplomat and High Mage Zhou Daguan
High diplomat of the Kmer empire.

Elite warriors
Banteay Srei
Lions are the old adversary of the snake god Naga. These elite warriors earn their place among the ranks of the Banteay Srei by slaying a mountain lion.

Phnom Bakheng
This Elite unit of knights ride into battle in units of five as each represent one of the five heads of Naga.

Eboracum: The Duchy of Blood
Twin brother to high lord Jayavaraman, Jerro’s childhood (among the Kmer elves) was overshadowed by his slightly older brother. He was a part of command but not commanding.
 Through the years of his eternal live Jerro witnessed the decay of elven presence in the old world. War upon war left the Kmer elves weaker. It was only a matter of ages before their colony would crumble. Thus Jerro decided to act.
 The next war he summoned an army using ancient blood magic and necromancy. He squashed the enemy and returned home victorious, without the loss of a single elven life. But his brother was less then pleased: Righteous Jayavaraman begged his brother to stop the use of this dark magic for it would surely corrupt him. But jerro could not be moved and was subsequently banished from the Kmer.
 Although Jerro despised his brother’s misunderstanding he could not fight his own people and thus swore to reclaim the lands of old Kmer and proof to his brother: that dark times require dark measures.
 Using the undead jerro conquered his own lands and claimed the title as baron of blood. Baron so his people would know he didn’t pretend himself usurper.
Characters General
Jerro the baron of blood: lvl 4 Vampire lord Although he will never admit it, Jerro is corrupted bye his constant use of both blood magic and necromancy. He has so often consumed the blood of mortals to fuel his magical rituals that he craves for it in his every breath. This loss of sanity makes him only more eager to achieve his goals and justify his action. Besides his lack of sanity Jerro is a stabile and wise commander. Preferring to lead his troops safely protected.

Vampire Lord, Shield, Lore of Vampires, Barded Nightmare, Armour of Destiny, Dawnstone, Earthing Rod, Lvl 4, Quickblood                                                                                                                                                             482

Lieutenant 1
Caratacus the savage: lvl 1 ghoul king on terrorgheist Caratacus is the former ruler of a savage orc tribe living in what is now Eboracum. After Jerro was banished from the Kmer, caratacus and his tribe first fell victim to jerro’s wrath. Jerro’s freshly summoned army came down on the tribe in the mids of winter. The orcs didn’t stand a change, and where all butchered except for Caratacus. Using necromancy jerro raised the tribe to become fresh undead. He offered the orc a change to live as his Lieutenant and fight for the freedom of his tribes soul or to die and join them. He now lives as a blood crazed creature thrall to the blood baron… believe it or not; caratacus has become to enjoy the carnage.

Strigoi Ghoul King, Lore of Vampires,  Terrorgheist, Red Fury, Dragonbane Gem,  Potion of Strength,
Aura of Dark Majesty, Bequile                                                                                                                               600

Lieutenant 2
Iceni king of slaves:  lvl 3 Necromancer Lord 
Master Necromancer, Lore of vampires, The cursed Book                                                                       200

Regiment of Renown

The Catuvellauni
A pack of blood savages, the first corrupted ‘enemies’ turned warriors by the baron of blood.
Riders of ash & dustHexwraiths summoned from the corrupted souls of ancient elves willing to fight ‘the enemy’ in death.

Long story, tiny pic ;)
Bra’tac – Ogre Kingdoms:
The Tjúguskegg Tribe formally known as The Skagerrak Tribe is a somewhat unusual tribe, to understand the tribe a short tale of Gunnlaug has to be told.
Gunnlaug spend most of his life as a Maneater traveling the old world he preferred to work for someone who owned a ship, So he could travel the seas and the many rivers that cross through the old world. One day he returned to the Mountains of Mourn, and beat the Tyrant of a small tribe in a challenge and so it was he became the tribe’s new tyrant, living a life in luxury (as far as ogre Luxury goes that is) He found himself missing traveling by ship raiding coastal villages, missing the feasts after raiding those villages.
For 3 years he ambushed Imperial Convoy’s fought other tribes, hunted Giants but he was never pleased, it just wasn’t the same.
Then on one day a brave human requested an audience with Gunnlaug, the Human was known as
Henrich Reichs-guilder, one of Gunnlaug’s previous employees. Henrich was promised not to be eaten (for the time being) and Gunnlaug listened to the story of how Henrich had lost his fortune by the hands of certain pirates, Henrich told Gunnlaug were to find these Pirates, but to get there he would need a ship. Henrich promised him all the riches they would find in the pirates village as long as he would be able to retrieve the necklace he had stolen from his own mother. Gunnlaug accepted the terms, on one condition Henrich would have to get him plans to build his own ship.
Weeks passed but Henrich returned with a cart full with drawings of ships, and a dwarf who was offered a share of the treasure, Gunnlaug was not pleased by this news, but accepted none the less, considering to eat the dwarf once the ship was build of course. From all of the blueprints Gunnlaug choose a ship characterized by a slender design and with symmetrical ends with true keel. Protruding on the bow a mighty dragon’s head, on its sail a giant Valkyrie , this would be his ship, this would bring him wherever he wanted to go. (Ogre sized ofcourse)
Ignoring the Dwarf’s advice Gunnlaug had his ship build near his tribe’s camp miles and miles from any river or sea for that matter. The entire tribe was chopping trees to build the ship. While work on the ship continued Gunnlaug ordered Henrich to get his Tribe Ogre sized shields, to attach to his ship and carry into combat, Gunnlaug had several hunters hunt the mightiest of beast to use their skin and knit them together to use as the ships massive sails.
Months passed before it was completed, but the day of completion had come and the dwarf was eaten. Henrich feared for his life but was told by Gunnlaug not to worry and to climb on board. Henrich looked puzzled and asked in Sigmar’s name how they would get this massive ship to water. Gunnlaug let a loud belch and the ship slowly started moving, several Rhinoxen pulled the ship, while gnoblars were moving logs from the back of the ship to the front to keep it rolling forward. For weeks they slowly rolled forward when eventually they reached the Lake of Eyes, several hundred gnoblars had been lost, exhausted from working 24/7 keeping their masters ship rolling. Gunnlaug could not be happier, once more he would roam the seas.
He found the pirate and his tribe feasted on every last one of them, Henrich never found his mothers
necklace and was eaten for desert. Gunnlaug had his Tribe build two more ships.One for his first Lieutenant Hardeknut his “trusted” Slaughter Master, and one for his son Bjôdr a
Slaughter Master to be, but then just a meager Butcher.
With two smaller ships and his own massive ship Gunnlaug’s tribe roamed the seas and the occasional rivers for years until on one day he challenged his first Lt to an eating contest.
Hardeknut became the leader of the Skagerrak tribe after defeating his Tyrant Gunnlaug Skagerrak in an eating contest. When all food was depleted (The ships supplies) and no more gnoblars were available the Tyrant was about to call a draw, Hardeknut would not accept and instead devoured his Tyrant winning the contest and becoming Tyrant at the same time.
A new tradition was born; from that day on if a tribe’s member found it was his time to rule as a tyrant he would have to best Hardeknut in an eating contest, so far not a single Ogre has managed to do so.

Hardeknut Forkbeard, leader of the Tjúguskegg (Forkkbeard) Tribe.
Though Hardeknut has no real beard, his name forkbeard refers to two small horns on his chin.

1st Lt
Gunnkel the Ever Hungry
Most likely the next Tyrant of the Tjúguskegg Tribe, Gunnkel is known for his appetite which is extreme even for ogre standards, whereas other ogre’s can spend a few hours on a meal ,Gunnkel just has to eat whenever possible and as much as possible. If he goes without food for too long he will eat his own flesh if need be.
Though he has never Challenged Hardeknut, it is only a matter of time for his appetite to grow so big
that he will have to challenge Hardeknut, if he does not devour himself before that time comes.

2nd Lt
Bjôdr the Departed;
Son of the tribe’s previous tyrant little is known about Bjôdr. He was nicknamed the Departed after
dying 3 times during a single raid on a small town and somehow still feasted upon the slain; he first died when his head was blown off by a cannonball, after roughly half an hour he rose to his feet, with his head attached as if it never had been blown off. The second time he died after 3 halberdiers pierced his heart at the same time, he rose to his feet again after a few minutes, the third time was the most horrific a wizard casted a spell that burned Bjôdr from the inside out, leaving a charcoaled body on the floor, several hours later the tribe emerged victorious and prepared to feast, the tribe wanted to devour Bjôdr’s killer out of respect, but just when Hardeknut wanted to take the first bite, Bjôdr showed up again, not saying a word, he ripped all pieces of his previous killer from the others hands, and feasted on them in silence. Bjôdr never challenged Hardeknut and likely never will, he has made one demand after that particular day at which he died 3 times, He wants to be the only one to feast upon the flesh of his killers.

Thalenchar – Warriors of Chaos:
Lord Thalenchar Moonsoul, the Lord of the Moon, Leader of the Order of the Moon.

Chaos Lord, Mark of Tzeentch, Rending Sword, Armour of Morrslieb, Necrotic Phylactery, Book of Secrets (Fire), Diabolic Splendour, riding a Manticore

Lord Thalenchar has led the Order of the Moon since its very inception. Worshipping the Chaos God Tzeentch in his guise of the cyclical Chaos moon Morrslieb, Thalenchar leads his band of chosen warriors across the Chaos Wastes and beyond, offering all he meets the same choice: “Join us, or die opposing us.” In recent times, more and more opponents have found out about the truth in the second part of that statement, and have chosen the first option.
Thalenchar’s exploits in the name of his Lord are near endless. He hunted down and broke the Manticore King Nightwing, and now rides it into battle. He faced and enslaved the mighty Dragon Ogre Shaggoth Lord Barzabel, earning the Order the alliance of not only the Dragon Ogres residing deep in Mount Frostkeep, but also the Marauder tribes living on the flanks of this great mountain. He has defeated countless armies of Dwarfs on the northern edge of the World Edge Mountains, and he has forced many of the surviving Dwarfs to build him a great fortress atop Mount Frostkeep. True to his reputation, one of Lord Thalenchar’s most loyal followers is a former Dwarf Engineer, now known as Borri Blackblood.
His greatest achievement, however, will be when he claims the immense flying city known as Fozzrik’s Flying Fastness.

Master Borazel, High Priest of the Moon, Leader of the Scorched.

Sorcerer Lord, Mark of Tzeentch, level 4 (Tzeentch), Spell Familiar, Talisman of Preservation, Healing Potion, Enchanted Shield, Stream of Corruption, Bloodcurdling Roar, Disc of Tzeentch.

Master Borazel is the greatest wizard in the Order of the Moon and one of the most learned followers of Tzeentch. Rumoured to originally have been a common Goblin Shaman and, if true, Master Borazel has since transcended his humble beginnings and is now most famous for being able to manipulate  the lesser races to fight in his name. Many are the ways with which Borazel will convince his adversaries to switch allegiance, from simple bribery to complex dream visions. His favourite method, however, is gifting an enemy general with a magical artefact that provides the wearer with some magical skill, but also fills the enemy’s mind with dark whispers, eventually leading to an all-out conversion to the way of Tzeentch. The most notable example of this includes converting the infamous Nurgle Lord Ignatius Klem to become a loyal follower of the Order.
Would anyone be in a position to find out, it might be interesting to note that Lord Thalenchar himself carries such an artefact.
Lord Borazel currently leads a motley band of soldiers, comprised of many Ogres, Trolls and other beasts.

Queen Amiré the Blessed, Warrior Queen of the Mount Frostkeep Tribes, leader of the Horned Lions of Midnight

Chaos Lord, Mark of Tzeentch, Axe of Khorne, Helm of Many Eyes, Talisman of Endurance, Word of Agony, shield, Chariot.

Queen Amiré, the Warrior Queen of all the Marauder Tribes inhabiting Mount Frostkeep, has chosen to honour her God by performing the most profound form of change she knows: that from life to death. So far, she has yet to meet her match on the field of battle and many a Champion of Khorne has mistakenly believed himself superior to her in hand-to-hand combat. Her force of chariot-riding warriors is feared by all.
Regiment of Renown
Lord Barzabel, Dragon Ogre Shaggoth
Knight’s Bane, Arcas’ Troupe, Chaos Knights
Tribesmen of Mount Frostkeep, Marauders
Defenders of the Second Level, Chaos Warriors
Guardians of the Inner Circle, Chaos Chosen
The Faceless, Ogre Tribe.

Heroes of Legend
Lady Arcyni, Blade of Morrslieb and Bearer of the Moon Banner.
Valen the All-Seeing, Ogre Seer, Chief Acolyte of Borazel’s Coven.
Arcas the Silent, the Queen’s Champion.
Borri Blackblood, Chaos Dwarf Engineer, The Iron Smith.
Ignatius Klem, The Plague Wolf, Master of the Horses

Balephon - Lizardmen:

Supreme Confessor Craitok,
Supreme Commander of the Lost 3rd Marienburg Expedition Force, Bearer of the Light of Pahaux, Survivor of Pahaux
Craitok, a simple preacher travelling through the Empire to spread the word of Sigmar had only recently arrived in Marienburg when he was struck by a vision of a vast city filled with gold, hidden in a steamy jungle. Above the city a fiery twin-tailed comet blazed a trail through the sky.
Refilled with vigour and piousness, Craitok preached on the street corners and in the squares of Marienburg about his vision. Such were the fire and zeal with which he delivered his sermons that soon a group of wealthy Marienburg merchants approached Craitok to accompany them on an expedition force to discover this fabled city, undoubtedly in the names of the twin gods Sigmar and Profit.
However, shortly upon arriving in the Southlands, where Craitok had said the city would be, the expedition vanished, never to be heard from again.
Now, exactly 100 years have passed since the last contact a message has arrived, via flying reptile, to the house of the grandson of the wealthiest merchant of the original group, who now led his grandfather’s trade empire. The piece of skin on which the message was scribbled only held a few words:
“ The Golden City has been found”
So far it remains unclear what has happened to the expedition and what could have caused the force’s mysterious disappearance and subsequent return. Only fragments of news have reached the city about what has befallen the survivors of this, no doubt terrible ordeal.
Some of these fragments:
“it was as though the world turned inside out. We were assailed on all sides by foul daemons that somehow appeared to get further away from us with every step they took towards us. We were caught completely by surprise when their fiery swords struck us from what appeared to a mile way. Sigmar preserve us.”
“ A Skink, by the curious name of Oxyotl, rescued us”
“ whenever we drew a breath it seemed our lungs filled with burning needles. For some unfortunate individuals this actually happened”
“ Craitok fought with the power of the burning comet through the hordes of blue and pink shapes, eventually sacrificing himself as he fought the giant bird-like leader of the Daemons, throwing himself into an abyss and taking the daemon with him.”
“many scratched their eyes out after they witnessed the splendour of the Golden City after suffering through the ordeals we had faced.”
“ Oxyotl led the few survivors to a floating rock upon which we discovered a radiant, golden Craitok.”
These were the words that were supposedly spoken by the gilded Craitok:
“The Light of Gaya has filled me in my darkest hour. This city needs to be protected from the predations of the Daemons of Chaos. Now get out of my way and follow me, or die.”
And so it begins…

Lord Thalenchar of the Order of the Moon, defeater of many tribes and slayer of great foes, offers Hardeknud Forkbeard, eating champion and mightiest ship-faring Ogre, an alliance in the coming conflict. A deal to respect each other’s borders and not eat any of each other’s important soldiers. In return, each shall focus on killing and eating the other forces present in the Badlands. When needed, forces can be joined to destroy annoying pansies, gribbly lizards, and rotten undead. What say you, might Forkbeard?
**Lord Thalenchar Moonsoul**

Ye’ think you can impress me with yer fancy titles? Pha… Ye’ think you can flatter me by boasting mine? Pha… I care not for titles, only for slaughtering and eating and eating and eating. My gut  tells me ye’ can’t be trusted, perhaps that scout of yours is telling me something from the inside? Ye’ can count on this one meager scout as a down payment, we are with many and require lots of food. Food that ye’ will deliver, Lord Thalenchar of the Order of the Moon! In return we will respect yer borders and won’t eat ye’ or yer so called important soldiers. If I find another of these scouts of ye’, not even yer “great” Chaos gods will be able to save ye’. Is shall feast upon your mortal and daemonic flesh. Consider this alliance accepted but ye’ be warned: Here be Ogres and they are hungry!
*Hardeknud Forkbeard*

Thank you to everyone for their contributions so far! And if you haven't managed to do quite as much as you would have liked this time round, don't fret! There'll be plenty of chances yet!