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maandag 20 augustus 2012

Monday Morning Gamer 20/8

Time to wake up :)
Goodmorning, goodmorning! It has been a while, but on this lovely sunny Monday I thought I´d  do another blog post. Consider these past few months my summer hibernation, and we´ll see if I can post with some regularity on here again!

Anyway, of course there’s a reason for me to start posting again. Not only has my good friend Apophis been hounding me for an update (thanks for that), but also I have made a deal with Balephon.  Both Balephon and myself are going to be participate in the Dutch 40K GT this autumn and we’ve decided to show our road to the tournament on here.

That’s not all for today. There’s also a small thing I’d like to mention as well. A brilliant (in my humble opinion) idea from the brains behind single models!,

Let’s get to it, eh?