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woensdag 5 oktober 2011

Painting Madness - Month 1

Madness I tell you!
And the first month is in the books... Well, for me it was more a long weekend than a month, but that's my own fault for not joining sooner. It's not as though as I hadn't been painting Clanrats already...

I'll keep it nice and short for this one. I'll just show you what I've done and talk about what is coming next!

First up, Skaven!

These 30 Clanrats are as good as done. All they need is a bit of snow on the base and they're good to go! Overall I'm fairly happy with how the colourscheme turned out; they look suitably dirty and grimy, and I think the red is bright enough to offset this without being too bright.

This is the Champion from the above unit. The thing I'm aiming for is to have my Skaven finished to a decent tabletop standard. No way am I painting this many models to a high standard. I'd never finish.
One thing I am unsure of is whether or not to do the teeth/nails. Right now I've left them as is because I feel it's too much work to pick all those details out. What do you guys think? Good as is or paint the teeth? Or maybe just the first rank?

And the weapon team to go with the unit clanrats. I doubt I'll ever use this thing because frankly it's not the best weapon team, and weapon teams aren't that great to begin with! But I do like the model alot, so at least now it's finished! Again, base needs snow.

For next month I'm looking to do a unit of 30 Plague monks, which will give me two nice units to put down on the table for our campaing!

Next up, my Woc!

This guy is about 2/3rds finished, netting me just over 100 pts for this month's tale (he's 155pts all done). For next month I'll have to finish him and do some extra stuff. Not too much left to do, just finish the robes and then do the belt detail and the weapon. Oh yes, and the base, of course..

I think I'll go with a flame motif on the robes....

Sadly I wasn't able to finish any daemons, so I'll just have to do twice as many next month. That means I have to finish 15 daemons all told so I better decide how to paint them soon! You see, I also have a lot of Ogres to paint this month :p

And finally, because I didn't have enough stuff to paint already, I painted up this guy:

That's right, I'm now joined in the Tale of 40K Painters as well... Not sure how that happened, just felt like painting this guy. So I'll have to see what I'll do next month. I have some ideas and it rhymes with 'SLeman SRuss Stank'! Or something...

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