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zondag 2 oktober 2011

Painting Madness - Progress Report

This is what I've been working on yesterday and today.

Since I decided to sign up for Tale of the Painters (yesterday!) I pretty much had just one day left for my first batch of models.
Now, I can paint pretty fast (one of the few advantages of regularly painting armies for tournaments in the 48 hrs before the start) but I wanted to finish these models to a slightly higher standard, plus I didn't have that much time to paint anyway.

So, to recap, the goal each month is to paint a set number of points. The total number of points is either 1000 or 2000, so that would make 100 or 200 pts a month for 10 months.
For the remaining 2 months you can use a Joker, which basically allows you to skip a month when it is impossible to paint due to real life stuff. Personally my goal is to ignore Jokers exist. Once I start skipping months I know it'll be that much harder for me to get back to painting.

We'll see!

Here's what I've been up to.

30 Clanrats, spear, shield, full command
Doomflayer Weapon Team

I had already started these earlier for the Fantasy Campaign so I thought it would be a good idea to finish these for my first month of painting. I was about halfway done when I decided that, so still had plenty to finish this weekend.

I made a list of things I want to paint each month and I'll post that at a later date. It is, of course, subject to change. I am not so much painting to complete an armylist as I am to paint an army collection.

Warriors of Chaos:
Sorcerer, lvl 2

Time constraints are the big theme here. I plan on painting a 1000 pts version of a 2400 pts list I've made. Again, I'll go into more detail later. For now it's enough to know that the army includes a lvl 2 sorcerer who, at about 180 pts, can count as my painting quote for two months. So I won't have to finish him yet!
This is a model I had started to paint a while ago and been meaning to finish. TotP is the perfect excuse.
The Warriors of Chaos shall be painted to a higher standard than the Skaven.

Right, I'll have to play a joker here... Don't want to but have no choice. I have no idea for a colour scheme yet. All I know is I have plenty of old and new Daemonettes lying around, and it's time I got them painted!
Besides, 100 pts a month worth of daemons isn't that much...

So, that's it for the report. Feel free to let me know what you think.

And with all this Fantasy painting going on, it does lead me to wonder:

Should I sign up for the 40k version of the Tale as well..?

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