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donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Fantasy Campaign - Turn 4 movement

Today we played the fourth turn in our 8 turn Fantasy Campaign. For those people who don't know, it's a map based campaign with a secret mission to capture certain territories for each player. It's all about attrition as we play battles every turn and lose units that die/flee, but we can only "buy back" units up to 500 pts or
so each turn. With each player's total army worth 6500 pts 500 isn't that many!

I can explain in more detail what happened where but after moving our Army Banners on the map we ended up with three battles. 3500 pts OnG vs 3000 HE was the big one. Would this be the battle where the greenskins got their revenge for the beating they received in T2?

The second battle was part II of the battle HE and Skaven fought last turn, 2000 vs 2000. Last turn ended in a draw which meant we would have to refight, but only with the troops left/bought back. Could the Skavrn finally dislodge the Elves from their hold on the Skaven flank?

And the final battle is between two 500 pts scout forces, HE vs Skaven. Nothing too important now, but the way our campaign is set up, Scout forces can play an important role later since they can provide an easy 500 pts boost to another army. Trying to do what damage you can to enemy Scout forces can only help later, since no player is likely to spend his precious 500 replenishment points on a lowly Scout Force!

So plenty of action going on and with plenty more to come. For instance, there is a 1000 pts HE banner making it's way to the Skaven Capitol...

And also, being at the Campaign's midway point, the time to start moving to claim those Objectives is very near!

More later!

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