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vrijdag 30 september 2011

Painting Madness - Tale of the Painters

Painting Madness!
Ohoh, now I've done it....

I've gone and signed up for Warseer's Tale of the Fantasy Painters.

For those who don't know what it is, it's basically a commitment to paint a set number of points of a given army every month for a year. Now, those who know me know I Suck (capital S) at sticking to a single project for longer than a few weeks, so this should be a challenging task indeed.

However, I have so much unpainted stuff laying around (Skaven, Ogres, WoC, to name but a few) I feel I need to start working through the piles of unpainted soldiers.

So I signed up for the following:
Skaven - 200 pts a month
Slaanesh Daemons - 100 pts a month
Warriors of Chaos - 100 pts a month

I chose to do 200 pts worth of Skaven because at last count I have about 4K-5K of the rats in various states of undercoat / assembly and I would dearly love to be done with painting them. As I'm using them in a Campaign currently, which will probably continue for a few months at least, I think I can keep up the motivation to paint them. Also, they won't be the prettiest army I'll ever paint, so that makes it easier to do a whole lot as well...

My first true Fantasy army was Chaos (back when you could combine warriors, daemons and beastmen; ah, the lovely days of yore...) and while I haven't seriously played them in years, I still have bought some of the newer boxed sets that have been released over the years. So, in an attempt to get those painted as well I entered both my Daemons and my Warriors in the 'Boys' category (ie 100 pts a month). That's like 9 Daemonettes or 2 Knights a month, so in theory very doable to finish each month.

Alright, I have absolutely no idea if I will finish the Tale this time (I vaguely remember joining up at least once before, and then giving up after a month or two), but I thought if I put it up here as well at least there are a few people to badger me about my progress (online or off). We'll see how I'll do!

So, with me reiterating my commitments to paint here, anyone out there brave enough to join me? ;)

40K or Fantasy are both fine, and it's only 100-200 points a month...


PS. As technically Tale of the Painters starts 1st of September, I joined barely in time... That also means my first batch of models is due somewhere this weekend (though I'll probably won't be able to post pictures until after the weekend). Guess I need to get started, huh...?

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