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maandag 5 september 2011

OK Tryout 2 - Part 1

And here we are with the battlereport for my second battle with the new OK book. I have to admit, so far I'm loving the new book. Making armylists is a challenge since I always seem to be running out of points too soon! That means there are plenty of viable units to choose from, which is a good thing. Now I need to see which units have the best synergy, and which build suits my playstyle best.

So, for the battle: it's a 2400 pts battle vs Tomb Kings. I am curious to see how the Ogres will fare against another 8th book. Also, I have a 2400 pts tournament coming up in about 10 weeks, so I need all the practice I can get!

Here are the armies:

Tomb Kings:
High Priest, lvl 4, Neffara's Scrolls
Priest (Hierophant), lvl 2, 4++, Priest,
lvl 2, dispel scroll,
2* 30 Archers, full command
6 Chariots, full command, Banner of Swiftness
3 Necropolis Knights
6 Carrion
Warsphinx, fiery roar Hierotitan
2* Screaming Skull Catapult
Casket of Souls

Basically Magic & Missiles with some nasty counter/flanking units.

Slaughtermaster, lvl 4, ironfist, Hellheart
BSB, heavy armour, ironfist, Sword of Swift Slaying
Hunter, 2 hand weapons, Swiftstride, 5++
10 Ogres, ironfist, Standard, Musician
5 Ironguts, Standard, Musician, Standard of Discipline
2*10 Gnoblars, Trappers
10 Sabretusks
6 Maneaters, 6*Brace of Pistols, heavy armour, full command, Dragonhide Banner (Scout, Stubborn)
2* Ironblasters

Apart from wanting to try out some of the new toys we got (Ironblaster & Hunter/Sabretusks combi), I was also looking forward to seeing how a fairly powerful scouting unit would do. The plan is for the Sabretusks and the Maneaters to go over one flank, while the Bulls and the Ironguts hold the middle. So, refused flank, with a forward element pressuring from turn one. I gave the Maneaters pistols so that they'd be able to do some damage right from the start. 12 S4 BS4 shots is nothing to sneeze at, although I am not sure if it is worth 12 pts per model as well as keeping the Maneaters from taking any other weapon. We'll see!

I will tell all about how the actual battle went tomorrow!

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