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donderdag 1 september 2011

New Ogre Kingdoms - First thoughts

Just got the new OK book earlier today and am in the middle of reading through it now.

First thoughts:
> No real surprises, pretty much the whole book was leaked and most info had been established as accurate. Still very glad to finally have it!
> I am loving Hellheart. It'll definitely be an auto-include for me for a while. Very random and very deadly, it's the perfect item for me.
> Slaughtermaster over Tyrant for me, every time.
> Points will be tight for heroes. In my standard 2400pts list I need a BSB, I want a Firebelly (Breath Attacks in combat are awesome for monstrous infantry vs regular infantry), and then I'll probably need to decide if I want a third hero or not... A hunter to join the sabretusks on a flank? We shall see.
> Speaking of flanks, I think a min sized Mournfang unit with full armour and a champ (10pts for another Ogre attack? Yes, please!) will make a great flanking unit. At 150 pts per unit, with M8, impact hits, 13 attacks, and a 2+ save (and parry), they will be tough for any flanking unit to handle.
> Not sure if I'll include either of the two new big beasties... There is already so much to choose from and I need a good think about how to best to use them. For now I'm leaning towards a Thundertusk over a Stonehorn, just because of the utility the TT provides over the SH's sheer combat ooompf. Don't look at me like that. Ooompf is a word.
> Ironblaster seems great. A T6 chariot that can fire a reliable cannon shot on the move is great, never mind the S10 grapeshot. Big monsters will not enjoy battling my Ogres.
> Trappers are awesome...

Prediction time:

> I think yhetees will be one of those units people won't take often at first but that will be used more later on. M7 and swiftstride, coupled with I4 and S5 makes for a very fast and deadly unit (against the right target, of course).
> I think we will not see the dreaded Maneater combi of Brace of Pistols, Poison, and Sniper quite as often as is feared. At 62 pts a model the unit will be quite expensive and range 24"  will only get you so far... Maybe replacing poison for scouts or vanguard will allow you to be in a better position to actually take those shots at wizards. If that's what you really want to spend 186 pts on, of course...

Alright, that's it for now. Time to get back to the book and start making some armies!

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