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maandag 26 september 2011

Fantasy for the 40k'er - Quick Tips

Ten tips for those 40k players looking to get into Fantasy:

1) Charges happen at the start of your turn, not after the shooting phase.
2) If you thought Perils of the Warp was annoying, wait till your wizard suffers his first miscast and you have to make the roll on the miscast table...
3) Unlike 40k, it is possible to win a battle with only combat units and no missile units. Of course, missile troops do help.
4) Turning is done around the centre of a unit. Wheeling is done around a corner of a unit.
5) Ask your opponent beforehand if he is ok with you using Special Characters eventhough technically you do not have to.
6) You measure the charge distance between the two closest points of the charging unit and the target unit. Once you've rolled your charge distance and have been found to be in range, you can move the charging unit into contact with the target, no matter how many inches it actually costs.
7) You are only allowed one Wheel move during your charge though! 'Closing the door' does not count as your one Wheel move.
8) Forget about bringing anti-mech. Bring anti-magic instead.
9) You can always wound something on a roll of 6. Always.
10) Eventhough there are more than 15 different armies to choose from, you can rest assured knowing none of them are a variation of Space Marines...

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