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woensdag 21 september 2011

Army - 1000 pts clan Moulder

I'm doing it again...

Currently I have a Deathwing army to finish, I am participating in a Fantasy Campaign for which I need to paint all the models I need to field (all the Army Banners are worth a combined 6500 pts), I'm working on 2400 pts worth of Ogres for a upcoming Tournament, and I have plans for a 2400 pts Warriors of Chaos army as a side project.
Plenty of units to put together and paint, I would say.

So what do I do?

Exactly. I start a new army...
Well, not new as such, because it's still Skaven. So there is that at least. But it is still full of models I don't need for the campaign.

You see, my favourite Skaven clan has always been Moulder. I love big beasties in Fantasy and Clan Moulder has some of the coolest in Rat Ogres and HPA's. Combine this with the fact that, to me, no unit in the Skaven book epitomizes the sheer unstoppable, overwhelming horde-feel of a Skaven attack as the Giant Rats, and you can understand why I have a sweet spot for the Skaven Bio-engineers.

So, seeing as I needed a Warlord on Bonebreaker for my campaign force, I decided to make him a 1000 pts bodyguard army made up of (almost) solely clan Moulder models. The sole exception is a Doomflayer weapon team, but I just really like the model.

So here is the list. I plan on these being the first 1000 pts of Skaven that I will have painted.

Warlord, Bonebreaker, Warpstone Armour, shield, Poisoned Attacks - 203 pts
BSB, shield - 73
44 Clanrats, spear, shield, full command, Doomflayer - 275
2*6 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster - 2*26
30 Giant Rats, 6 Packmasters - 138
5 Rat Ogres, champion, 3 Packmasters - 239
Total - 999 pts

Just made up of models I have, with the equipment they have. The only exception is a halberd on my BSB. I was a point short for that. Oh well...

We'll see if I manage to finish it before inspiration smacks me over the head and sends me towards a next project...

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