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vrijdag 23 september 2011

Fantasy Campaign - Turn 3 Moves

And here we have the updated map for Turn 3 of our campaign. There is a fair bit of repositioning going on and not so many outright battles. Apparently we are all getting ready for a bigger push in T4. It's not all moving and no action though!

Let's look at what's happening:

After winning big in the North, the High Elves are looking to push the Orcs and Goblins further south while simultaneously trying to get closer to where more of the action is happening (territories 25-28).
The High Elf Banner 5 tried to drag Orcs and Goblins Banner 4 in a battle in Territory 21, while HE banners 1 and 6 try to do the same to OnG banner 2. If you remember, these OnG banners were both soundly beating the previous turn where he was already severly outnumbered (2500 vs 3500), so the last thing the OnG player wants is to have to fight those same HE again while he still isn't back up to full strenght!

So, anticipating the HE moves up north, the OnG player ordered his banners to move to other territories, hopefully away from the advancing Elves.

The way our campaign works is we have assigned a Speed value to each Army Banner (Normal - 1, Quick - 2, Fast - 3). This is the number of Territories the Banner can move each turn. To solve any issues of which Banners moves where first, and thus determining if a battle is fought, we decided the fastest Banners move first. If this leads to opposing Banners in the same territory, a battle is fought as the slower Banner is caught in its current territory, unable to escape the faster army.
If both Banners have the same Speed value, we roll off to see who moves first.

So, having explained that, it was clear that the OnG Banner 2 had to roll a die to see if it would be able to escape to Territory 4 or if it would remain in Territory 20 and be caught fighting HE Banners 6 and 1!
(For those really paying attention and wondering why HE Banner 1, which moved 2 Territories, isn't automatically forcing OnG Banner 2 to a battle, it is because HE Banner 1 is a Scout banner, and those have special rules)
Fortunately for the OnG they won the roll  and his large army was given a turn's respite from fighting and a chance to recover.

Banner 4, however, wasn't so lucky.

Having succesfully tried to escape He Banner 5, it then completed its Move order and ended up in the exact Territory just vacated by OnG Banner 1! This meant that there still would be a battle fought between the Elves and the Orcs.

More to the South, on the Skaven / OnG front, both sides consolidated their positions instead of trying to claim more territories from each other. I for one was happy having conquered the City (which gives me 100 extra pts), so I chose a Fortifying action there instead, building some buildings and barricades I could use in future turns. Since I was surrounded by three OnG Banners (1, 5, and 6) and I only had 2 (4 and 6), I figured I needed all the help I could get.

Finally, to East, I decided it was time to engage the Elves. In true Skaven form, this uncharacteristic display of courage was firmly rooted in the fact that I knew with certainty that none of the three Elven Banners were 2500 pts (since that one was up North), and I would be garantued numerical superiority!
So, off went my large army (Banner 2), trying to clear away the Elves from Territory 45, which was not only fortified, but also allowed the Elves to Channel more magic dice in each Magic Phase!
I sent two 1000 pts Banners into another Fortified territory (23), hoping 2000 pts of Skaven would be enough to clear out 1000 pts of Elves, even if they were hiding in buildings.

Of course, not everything went as I had planned. The Elven banner in Territory 45 turned out to be a Scout banner, which easily fled from my force. No battle means no experience points for me, but at least I had captured the Territory, and without suffering any casualties.
Territory 23, however, was reinforced with HE Banner 40, also a 1000 pts force. Now I would have to try and dislodge 2000 pts of Elves instead of the 1000 I had been hoping for. Ohoh...

And that is where we are now. In a couple of hours I should face off against the Elves and we will see if I can manage to capture that Territory, and fortifying my flank in the process. I don't quite have 2000 pts to play with, since my Banner 1 isn't up to full strength yet after last turn's battle, but to compensate all the units in that Banner do have an Experience Upgrade, so we'll see how it goes!

I'll see if I can do a more traditional battle report of that battle. Should be interesting!

Stay Tuned!

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