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maandag 5 september 2011

OK Tryout 2 - Part 2

Continuing from yesterday...

Mission: Pitched Battle Deployment: (I'll try and fix a fancy image to make this clearer as soon as I can)

Tomb Kings, from left to right : Chariots;Catapult&Casket ;Archers w Hierophant;Hierotitan;Archers w lvls 4&2;Catapult;Warsphinx;Carrion;Necropolis Knights.

Ogres from their left to their right: Ironblaster & Ironblaster ;Gnoblars in front of Bulls w BSB;Gnoblars in front of Ironguts w SM; ; Sabretusks w Hunter. Maneaters deployed 12" away from the Necropolis Knights in the corner of the TK deployment zone.

I'll do a short description of what happened each turn without going into too much detail. At the end I'll give my thoughts and review my army. Lots of stuff to get to know, and at this stage I'm more interested in how the army and the individual units function than in whether I win or not.

Tomb Kings won first turn and charged the Chariots into the Sabretusks, who used their Vanguard move. The Necropolis Knights turned to phase the Maneaters and the Archer units moved to get within 24" of the Ironguts and Bulls. The magic phase was dominated by the TK, who had 9 power dice to my 5 dispel dice. The Casket does nothing, but I fail to stop any of his other spells. Combined with shooting I lose 5 wounds on my Ironguts, 1 on my SM, and 3 on my Bulls. Could have been worse, I remember thinking. In the combat phase, with the help of Speed of Light, the charging chariots win the combat by 6 and nearly run down the Sabretusks, whose flee move took them to within one inch of the table edge. Yikes.

Nothing of importance happened in my T1, apart from the Maneaters failing to charge the Knights and the Sabretusks rallying. I try to kill some chariots with magic, but got dispelled. After hitting all three knights with the first Ironblaster, I kill just one. The second Ironblaster hit the Hierotitan and then failed to wound.

The Knights charge the Maneaters and the Chariots charge the Sabretusks again. In the magic phase the TK got 11 Power Dice to my 5 Dispel Dice. Damn Dice shenanigans! Luckily for me the effect rolls for all his spells didn't go very well, for thr TK. I passed 2 casket Ld tests and suffered no damage from magic missiles. I did lose 9 wounds on my Bulls in the shooting phase, but considering I was on the receiving end of 70 bow shots and 2 Catapults, I think I got away ok. The combat phase was even better for me. My tusks stayed in the fight eventhough they lost the combat by four and the Maneaters wiped out the Knights. Nice!

My turn 2 saw me move everything forward but not doing anything too great. I shot 2 wounds off the Hierotitan, 2 off the Carrion, and killed the final chariot in combat.

From T3 onwards it went downhill fast for the TK. The Sphinx got beat up by the Maneaters, who then proceded to help finish both units of archers, inc cuaracters, in the following turns. Hellheart ruined one TK magic Phase (love the item!) and a poor Magic Roll ruined another. The Carrion ran off one Ironblaster but got beat in combat by the other, who shot and killed the Hierotitan before it took care of the rotting poultry. All in all a decisive victory for the Ogres!

> A scouting unit of Maneaters is deadly. Providing a threat in an army's flank from T1 was really helpful. The unit is really expensive (476) and I doubt it's the most effiecient use of the points, but until my opponents find a way to deal with it, I'm dishing out the points!
> Also, right now I think taking the Brace of Pistols is worth it. It allows you to do damage if you get first turn (and aren't allowed to charge), it lets you have a fairly potent stand and shoot attack, and it gives you another attack in combat. All useful. Not too sure about the Dragonhide banner for them though...
> I really felt I could have used another wizard and a dispell scroll. Fighting magic heavy Tomb Kings is always annoying because they have so many Power Dice. I didn't suffer too badly in the Magic Phase, but that was luck. Also, I think I managed to get off one spell in the entire game. Oh well, at least Hellheart worked a treat.
> Speaking of which: I know I've already said this, but as long as I'm taking a SM, I'm taking Hellheart. I just love it. Use it the turn before charges go off and you'll effectively cancel out one of your opponent's magic phases. Try being within 10" of at least one enemy wizard and I'd say it's 50 pts well spent.
> The Sabretusks & Hunter did OK, not dying (barely) and eventually destroying the chariots, but I'm wondering if I should trade them in for Leadbelchers and another wizard..?
> Bulls should go in units of at least 9. I had 10 now, which was barely enough to see me through 3 turns of shooting. If he'd focused his fire more I would have lost the unit for sure.
> Ironblasters are awesome, unless they get flank charged by Carrion. Well, If I pay better attention next time how I position my Ironblaster I should be fine.

Next game: I will try and see if I can get a game in against High Elves tomorrow. I should have another game vs Tomb Kings friday, and I know there is a Chaos army that wants to see what all the fuss is about as well. Just not sure if it'll be daemons or warriors. We'll see!

Btw, how annoying is the Blogger App, always putting on my posts as one big blob of text! *grumbles and edits*

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