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zondag 25 september 2011

Fantasy Campaign Battle Review

Well, that was an odd battle...

To quickly set the scene: 2*1000 pts of High Elves vs 2*1000 pts of Skaven fighting in T3 of our current Fantasy Campaign. The High Elf player was defending and had fortified the Territory earlier, allowing him to place 2 Buildings and 3 Barricades in his deployment zone.

Mission was a Meeting Engagement.

Here are the armies:

High Elves:
3 lvl 2 Wizards (2 Death and 1 Life)
4*10 Archers & 1*12 Archers
20 White Lions (or was it 25?)
2*5 Swordmasters
2*5 Ellyrian Reavers
3* Chariot


Warlord on Bonebreaker
2* lvl Engineer, 1* lvl 1
24 Slaves
2*40 Clanrats, Ratling Gun
27 Stormvermin, Poison Wind Mortar
13 Nightrunners, sling
5 Gutter Runners, sling, poison
2* Doomwheel
Warp Lightning Cannon

Memorable Occurences:> Have you ever had one of those battles where nothing went wrong in the first few turns? I rolled 26 hits casting Warp Lightning 5 times, watched my opponent fail panic after panic test, made enough light armour & shield saves to make a fully armoured knight jealous, and was just unable to roll any low die... Ah yes, the benefits of having Lady Luck on your side.
> On a related note, have you ever had a battle where there was a huge luck-turning-point midway through the battle and, in true skaven fashion, you actually do more damage to yourself than your opponent is doing, damn near losing you the battle? For example: Both my Doomwheels lost 3 of their wounds from either misfires or friendly fire. One Doomwheel, after spending the previous two turns unable to control itself and frying 6 Nightrunners, had poisitioned itself beautifully in front of the three elven chariots, ready to shoot them to bits. Then I rolled a misfire, lost 3 wounds, got charged, and died, doing nothing. Another example: my warp lightning cannon misfired, spun, and then shot and killed my warlord and 13 clanrats, just as the unit was about to be charged by two chariots and flank-charged by a unit reavers. Le sigh...
Another example! Having pretty much won the battle on my left flank and I was feeling pretty confident. I had about 30 clanrats standing in a marsh facing 7 archers in a Venom Thicket. Since our campaign is all about attrition, I wanted to do as much damage as possible, so I decided to charge the Archers in my final turn and finish them off. Two difficult terrain tests later (marsh + forest) I had lost half the unit, paniced and had to flee through the marsh I charged from, suffering even more casualties! Note to self: just leave the archers next time...
In the end we ended up just 7 victory points apart, although to be fair, I had caused most of those points... Still, about an even a draw as you can get in a 2000 pts game.
That means, according to our Campaign rules, we are both stuck in this territory next turn, having to battle each other with whatever forces we have left!

Afterthoughts:> I like Warp Lightning, magic missile are a great way of removing elves from buildings.
> I so need my Doomwheels to focus their destructive energy on the enemy next battle. They did about a dozen wounds on my Skaven and just a couple on the Elves.
> Killing Death wizards early in the battle is a great way of keeping my Ld 5 Engineers alive. Must do same next battle.
> Don't charge through marshes unless I really, really have too...
> Why do I even bother with Weapon Teams? They die soooooo easily from any type of missile attack. A 4++ only gets you so far if you have T3 an only 1w...
So, after replenishing, we are set to fight again next turn! I have about 100 fewer pts, but I'm sure that won't make a difference!
On to T4!

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