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woensdag 7 september 2011

Start of our Fantasy Campaign

Apparently today was the day me and 2 mates were going to start with our very own Map-based Fantasy campaign. We decided we were going to do one of those just prior to the summer and had set the starting date to 'sometime after the summer'. Well, today was that day! Luckily for me I had already planned my different armies and I was ready to go! I just need to remember what the fluff was for my army...

Anyway, in short the campaign works as follows: we made a map, consisting of 60 territories. Of these, 5 were marked as Primary Objectives, and another 5 were Secondary Objectives. Next, we created about eight-ten Risk style mission cards, each listing two Primary Objectives and two Secondary Objectives. Each player was dealt a mission card before the start of the campaign.
To win the campaign a player receives points for controlling Objective territories at the end of the Campaign. The Objectives on his mission card are worth the most points, but you can gain points for controlling other Objectives as well. And of course, whoever has the most points wins. Our campaign will last for 8 campsign turns.
To capture territories players needed to make one large army and then divide it up into smaller battlegroups. We decided on using a fixed number of these battlegroups, each with a fixed number of points. This because playing in a map campaign can be tricky and we wanted to not complicate things too much by using a random number of Battlegroups.

The different battlegroups we use are:
One 2500 points army
Three 1000 points armies, one of which has to be Quick or Fast (I'll go into detail what that means in another post)
Two 500 pts Scout armies (again, I'll fully explain later)

So that's a grand total of 6500 pts. Both the total army and each of the smaller forces should be legal armies. So yes, that means a maximum of 1 BSB in total, no more than 3 of any given rare choice, etc. We did not allow special characters. Magic Items were severly limited. No player is allowed to use magic items unless he controls one or more of a few territories that allow him to take, for instance, a magic weapon.

The armies participating are High Elves, Orcs & Goblins, and Skaven. I'm playing the ratkin!

Tomorrow I'll write about how the first turn went and how things stand now.

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