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zondag 11 september 2011

Battlereport: Ogres vs Tomb Kings

Here we are with another battlereport. This time it was a clash between my Ogres and my mate's Tomb Kings. We have a tournament coming up in a couple of months so we decided to playtest our armies. For the report, once again I will keep it short and sweet, focussing more on analysis than on an actual blow-by-blow of what happened. I think it's more interesting this way, but that could be just me ;)

On to the armies!

Tomb Kings (I don't have a copy of the exact list, so doing this from memory):
Tomb King, great weapon, Golden Mask Liche
High Priest (Hierophant), lvl 4 <Nehekharan>, 4++
Liche Priest, lvl 1 <Light>, dispel scroll
Liche priest, lvl 1 <Light>
Herald, BSB
2*30 Skeletons, full command
2*12 Archers
3 Chariots, full command
3 Carrion
Warsphinx, fiery roar
3 Necropolis Knights

Slaughtermaster, lvl 4 <MAw>, Hellheart, Ironfist, Ironcurse Icon
Bruiser, BSB, Heavy armour, Ironfist, Banner of Eternal Flame
Butcher, lvl 2 <Heavens>, Ironfist, Dispel Scroll
9 Bulls, ironfist, standard bearer, musician
9 Ironguts, musician, standard bearer, Standard of Discipline
8 Leadbelchers, musician
6 Maneaters, heavy armour, brace of pistols, full command, Gleaming Pennant
3*1 Sabretusk

We played a regular Battleline mission, since that will be one of the three missions we will be playing on the day.
I deployed my ogres on my left flank, making sure I had the hill in the centre of the table protecting my flank ( we had classed it as dangerous terrain). I deployed my Bulls just to the left of the Hill, my Leadbelchers to their left and my Ironguts I deployed near the left table edge. Slaughtermaster and BSB joined the guts, Butcher joined the Bulls. I placed the Ironblaster in the right half of the table, forcing my opponent to either come get it or ignore it, leaving me free to shoot with it. Either was fine with me. The Tomb Kings deployed more or less opposite from me. From their right the units deployed as follows: Archers; Archers; Carrion; Necrosphinx; Necropolis Knights, Warsphinx; Skeletons with all his Characters; Catapult; Casket; Skeletons; Chariots. I then placed my maneaters 12" away from his chariots, on his left flank, and we were ready to go!

Memorable occurences:
> Leadbelchers shooting 8 wounds off the Necropolis Knights.
> Sabretusk #2 passing his panic test after Sabretusk #1 got killed in combat by the chariots.
> Comet of Cassandora killing 10 Skeletons out of the main unit and blowing up the Casket.
> Sabretusk #2 drawing out the main Skeleton unit and making them fail their charge.
> The warsphinx charging and almost wiping out the bulls. With his breath attack, I think I lost the combat by 4 or 5, and I barely passing my break test.
> Necrosphinx chopping the head clean off my BSB.
> Ironguts striking back and causing 3 wounds on the Sphinx, causing it to crumble to death.
> My Ironblaster never once was threatened by anything, and yet it failed to do so much as a single unsaved wound all game.
> Maneaters charging Skeleton unit #2 in the front and reducing the unit to just 4 Skeletons in one combat phase.
> Having the main Skeleton unit reduced to just the standard bearer and the 5 characters, all of whom had suffered at least one wound, and then being unable to cause even so much as a single wound more on the unit and gain some actual VP... In the end I had killed enough of his army that it was obvious who would win and we called it.

> My Bulls and the Ironguts both needed 2 turns to deal with their respective sphinx in combat. Had both sphinxes charged the same unit, I doubt I would have even made it to a next combat round. Average WS with high S attacks just slay me... I think having 9 Ogres in each unit is a minimum.
> Maneaters did OK, not spectacular. They deployed too far away from the action, and while they dealt with one unit skeletons, they took too long getting to the main fight and were pretty useless from T3 onwards. Just because I have brace of pistols does not mean I should always shoot them. Marching and getting closer to where the action is is o.k. too.
> I switched the Sabretusks and Hunter from my previous list to the Leadbelchers and a Butcher for this battle. I have to say, those leadbelchers were great! 8d6 S4 shots, even hitting on 5s, are a threat to anything. I prefer targeting small elite units with an average toughness, but the Leadbelchers create a nice 24" threat bubble for most anything.
> Hellheart again did its job, cancelling one complete magic phase. Nothing spectacular happened, but just forcing your opponent to basically skip a magic phase is great. I did deploy my Slaughtermaster too far away from the TK wizards initially, so had to wait with using Hellheart until a bit later than I'd ideally would have wanted.
> I like having the second wizard. Heavens gives me a nice utility lore, and I think I prefer having the Butcher to having a Hunter.

Right, that's it. I have a game planned against Orcs this friday, so we'll see how that goes. I am pretty pleased with how the army is performing so far, but it is far from a perfect build! More work needed!

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