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dinsdag 13 september 2011

My OK army - Thoughts - part 2

After more or less deciding what to do with my characters, it's time to look at the rest of my army.
To recap, so far I have a lvl 4 slaughtermaster using the Great Maw lore and with the Hellheart, a lvl 2 Butcher using Heavens with a Dispel Scroll, and a BSB carrying the great utility Banner of Flaming Wonder aka Banner of Eternal Flame.

One of the things you notice flipping through the new book is that there are a lot of goodies in the Special and Rare sections, and that the Core section seems pretty bland. Of course, this can be said of a lot of Core sections in other books, and at least we get two different troop type (Infantry and Monstrous Infantry), but compared to Special and Rare, Core seems a bit meh.

Of course, Core is where you get your blocks of troops and these are generally what win you the battle. In theory. The one valid tactic remaining in the previous book was the 'dreaded' Gutstar, a big unit of Ironguts packed with characters, protected by Runemaw, rolling over anything caught in its path. Ah, those where the days, right?

Not really, current book is vast improvement over the last one, even though we more or less lost Runemaw as a useful item.

Anyway, Core choices. I have a couple of options here. Either choose bulls (now called Ogres, but I think that's confusing, since most everything in the book is an Ogre) or Ironguts. The first is cheaper and can get a parry save in combat, the latter strikes harder in combat and can take a magic banner. If we take into accoint the fact that I think any unit of Ogres that wishes to cross the table and still maintain some semblance of being a combat effective unit, my choices are actually quite simple.

Bulls or Ironguts? I'll take one of each, thank you.

Ironguts because I can give them the Standard of Discipline, making my Slaughtermaster a more effective general when he joins them (which he will do). Secondly, Ironguts are still great in combat. They would most likely strike last with their low Initiative anyway, so having a great weapon as standard really only is an advantage. Combine that with the fact that heavy armour is actually pretty good for a non-mounted Ogre, and I have plenty of reasons to take a unit.

So, I'll take 9.

The Bulls will provide me with cheaper bodies. Still T4, W3, and (with an Ironfist) a 5+ save, they are 11 pts cheaper than an Irongut. Sure, they lack in the combat effectiveness department compared to their louder brethren, not to mention having a lower Ld, but that's to be expected. Bulls allow me to take a sizeable unit that is just as resilient as a unit Ironguts for less points. Bringing enough bodies to the table will always be a challenge to Ogre players, so I need to make sure to bring some extra.

A unit of 9 Bulls for me, please.

This also gives me a place to put my Butcher, since I'll be trying to move away from that old Gutstar 'put all your characters in this unit and they'll be save in the second rank' tactic. That is so 7th edition...

I will add command models depending on how many points I have left, but at the very least both units will get a Standard Bearer (for the +1 combat result) and a Musician (for the reform) I'll most likely run both unit 4 wide to maximize attacks, but I want to be able to change my formations as needed.

The BSB will probably go in the unit Ironguts to make the more effective in combat, but he could be equally useful in a unit Leadbelchers. Which reminds me that I should probably take some of those before my points run out.

But they are a special choice and you'll have to wait for part three before I get to those...

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