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zaterdag 3 september 2011

First battle w Ogre Kingdoms

Alright, my first tryout battle with the new OK is in the books. It was a 1000 pts skirmish vs Skaven and it was fun to try some of the new stuff. I learned quite a few things. Not least of which was relearning that I really do not like Doomwheels when they don't suffer a serious mishap.

OK, on to the armies:

Plague Priest (Cloud of Corruption)
Warlock Engineer (Warp Lightning)
31 Clanrats, shield, full command, Mortar Team
40 Slaves, shield, musician.
13 Night Runners, sling
5 Gutter Runners, sling, poison
Warp Lightning Cannon

Firebelly, 2 hand weapons, level 2 (Fireball, Flaming Sword)
9 Ogres, 2 hand weapons, musician, standard, gnoblar
3 Ironguts, standard
3 Leadbelchers
2 Mournfangs, heavy armour, fist.

I won't be doing an elaborate turn-by-turn description because a) I should really have taken pictures for that to work properly and b) it was all over far too soon anyway.

Here's what happened:
Ogres won roll off and chose the deployment zone with the large hill in the centre. The bulls were placed in the centre, flanked on either side by the Ironguts and the Leadbelchers. The Mournfangs deployed on the flank, opposite the Doomwheel, and the scraplauncher went behind the leadbelchers. The Firebelly joined the Bulls.
On the Skaven side the clanrats, nightrunners, and slaves took up positions in the centre, the Doomwheel deployed on the Skaven right flank and the cannon deployed on the left, on a hill. Lastly the gutter runners scouted to the Ogre right flank, which I had forgot to close properly. I'd have to do something about them.
Well, the ogre plan was fairly simple: move forward, weather the skaven shooting, and start smashing face. I was convinced the Mournfangs could beat the doomwheel in Combat, provided the warpblasts didnt kill them. I would send my Firebelly to Fireball the gutter runners and my leadbelchers would provide fire support. Oh yes, and I would ignore the Cannon because I didn't really have anything that could go hunt warmachines. Note to self: include more warmachine hunters.

Anyway, that was the plan, here's what really happened:

> My Mournfangs died Skaven T1 from S10 blasts. The Doomwheel then proceded to flank charge and kill first the Ironguts and then the Bulls. In return I caused a yotal of one wound on it. Crap...

> My Firebelly failed to cast fireball (dispelled) and suffered 3 wounds from poison slingshots. Next turn he rolled boxcars for the fireball (luckily that didn't take his last wound) and killed the gutter runners.

> The Scraplauncher misfired and couldn't shoot T1 nor T2, but managed to redeem itself somewhat in T3 when it hit the clanrats full on and killed 12.

> The leadbelchers killed about 8 Nightrunners, suffering no wounds in return as the two units exchanged fire.

> Both the Cannon and the Skaven magic hardly did anything. The Cannon misfired twice, but lived, and Warp Lightning fried an Ogre over two turns.

> And the game was called in T3. The Doomwheel had completely wrecked me, there were still a lot of skaven left, and I didn't really have a chance anymore. Oh well, so much for the test battle!

Well, at least I learned stuff.
> I like the new, reliable Scraplauncher alot, but during deployment I forgot it can move and shoot so stuck it behind a wall. It should really have advanced with the rest of my army.

> Not convinced about minsized units Leadbelchers. It's not that they didn't do anything, it's that they didn't to anything worthwhile. I mean, 8 nightrunners in 3 turns isn't that great. I'll be trying a larger unit next.

> I need stuff that can deal with warmachines. Sabretusks and a hunter? Also, an Ironblaster or two should help with any future Doomwheel issues that might crop up.

> IMPORTANT: Mournfangs can't really take on a Doomwheel. They will fry before or during combat. Avoid Doomwheels with them.

> Finally, I need more battles! It was fun and I want more! Lots of stuff to try out...

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