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woensdag 16 november 2011

Midweek Modelling - 16/11

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Midweek Modelling. After spending all of last week trying to get my Ogres ready for the tournament, this week I finally get to spend some time on different stuff. It's going to be mostly Work in Progress pictures here this week. Basically have spent my time so far assembling and undercoating all the stuff I plan to have finished for this month's Tale of the Painter. I have the following planned:

Skaven - 51 Slaves and 3 Warlock Engineers
Empire - A Mortar and a converted Sorceress
Warriors of Chaos - 5 Warriors
Imperial Guard - Leman Russ Executioner

Here's everything together:

and a close up of the Sorceress, as that is probably the only thing worth showing at this point! Everything else, apart from the Ogre Mortar, is still waiting for their first proper coat of paint.

A conversion based on a Daemonette and some Wych bits. Still needs gaps GSed and, more importantly, a head. I am totally stuck on which head to use since everything I've tried so far is just too darn big! But I'm sure I'll think of something...

As you might have noticed, I'm doing a pretty big batch of Skaven this month, with over 50 models to paint. This is because, most likely, I'm taking those Skaven to a tournament in early december, and I need the slaves painted! Also, I need a unit Stormvermin, who are also as of yet not painted. Should be a fun month!

And I just realised due to last week's Ogre madness I haven't even shown you the results of last month's painting! Allow me to remedy:

Skaven - 32 Plague Monks
Warriors of Chaos - 3 Warriors

Dogs of War (Empire) - The first of the Leadbelcher Bang Bang Brothers (Cannon)

And Imperial Guard - A Leman Russ Battle Tank + Servitor, for my Redemptionist Regiment

And lastly, a picture of Shalen's Mangler Squig. He just sent me this today and I think it looks awesome! Can't wait to see it painted!

That's it!

See you Friday, where Game Night! will be about a narrative campaign I've been working on: Invasion!