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woensdag 9 november 2011

Midweek Modelling - 9 Nov 11

My finished Leadbelcher
Heyho, time for an update!

This week my modelling and painting has been focussed on one thing and one thing only:

My Ogres!

This saturday I wil participate in a tournament and I need the army ready (not finished, mind) to play. The army I'll be using will be familiar to those couple of people who stop by here regularly. Check here for a reminder.

I have given up trying to paint each and every Ogre to the standard I would like, see picture. That would take too much time and, as you might know, I have been busy painting loads of other stuff. So, I have decided, true to form, to just paint basecoats on all the models in the army and finish them at a later time. Sure, I'll get less points for painting, but I go there to have fun and play new people, not to win best painted.

Anyway, the past few days have mostly been about assembling and getting all the models ready. Since doing basecoats isn't such a timeconsuming process, or so I always think, I have left it quite late. As the army stands now I have assembled and greenstuffed everything, and it's waiting to get undercoated tomorrow.

Ironblaster, Guts, Bulls, Maneaters

Here's a pic of most of the army as it stands now (I know, fuzzy pic).

None of these models have the proper paintjob so I'll have to redo the ones that have paint on them. As my might be able to make out, all the models have obscured faces. This has to do with the background of my army, which really is a way of my not having to use the ugly ogre faces and instead using something I can actually Greenstuff myself. Look at the leadbelchers at the top to see how they'll look once done more or less properly.

I've tried to convert all the characters I'll be using myself. Here's them now:
BSB, Slaughtermaster, Butcher

Again, don't mind the paint, or the obvious greenstuff, things will get better later, promise ;)

Finally, as a bonus of sorts, my Butcher using Heavens from a different angle. Since I liked the idea of different cults of butchers for different lores of magic (Firebelly for Fire), I decided this wizard was more into lightning and such and had his body modified (by rattish engineers, no doubt) accordingly!

Rights, that's it for now. I have to get back to painting! I'll keep you updated!

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