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dinsdag 1 november 2011

Thalenchar's Recap - Halloween edition

The very first! Like I mentioned here, this post will be about games stuff I have found online or just have been thinking about myself, as well as some news and other bits and bobs. Also, some American Football!

Let's get that out of the way first. This has been a very good weekend, Football wise. Almost perfect, I'd say. The Eagles won (more on that later), Dallas lost, as did Washington, and the Giants nearly lost to the winless Dolphins! Had the Giants lost, this would have been a perfect weekend for Eagles fans. Now it's just a really, really good weekend. And after losing four of the past five, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Almost-Reallife Blood Bowl Thoughts:
> Now that was just a spanking the Eagles gave to the Cowboys. 34-7 and it wasn't even that close. Wow. When everything clicks for the Eagles they are scary good. Kudoes all round. Everyone played great. It was another great game by runningback Lesean McCoy, and the O-Line is finally clicking. Great job by defensive coordinator Juan Castillo too.
> I don't like the Cowboys, but I have to mention Demarcus Ware. Four sacks of the elusive Michael Vick is really good. Well done. But I hope you have four less in the rematch.
> Wow, did Baltimore cut that close or what? Winning on a last second field goal after being 18 pts behind to Arizona, winners of 1 game this season, at the half? Weren't the Ravens supposed to be better?
> One week after putting up as many points as have ever been scored in the NFL since the merger 40 odd years ago (62 pts vs Colts last week), the New Orleans Saints lose to the St. Louis Rams, winners of zero games so far. Well, one game now. What's up with that?
> Boy, I hope tebowing doesn't become the next big thing... That would be just silly. Leave the man be, already.

As some of you know, I am Dutch. And it is in that capacity, that of a Dutch Wargamer, that I bring you the following info. A new webstore has opened up today. Check it out on . Not only does it offer a nice discount on retail prices, but it also serves as a meeting point for people looking to play a game of warhammer. So if you live in or near Almere and are looking for other players, make sure to check it out!   

Finally, some other news: I'll be participating in a Warhammer doubles tournament in December. Doubles tournaments are great fun, but the one thing I always struggle with is deciding which army to take. Add to that that this Tournament is just 1200 pts per team (i.e. 600 per player) and I'm having a real challenge figuring out what to bring. Thankfully my partner already knows he'll bring Empire, so that at least helps a little bit. All I need to do now is make a 600 pts army that complements one of the best all-round armies in the game! So far I have narrowed it down to 3 possible options. I'll talk you through them Friday. Who know's, I might have even made up my mind by then! Yeah, right... 

And that's it for today! See ya! Oh yes, and I hope everyone had a happy halloween!

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