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zaterdag 3 december 2011

Game Night! postponed due to outburst of painting madness

Just a quick post to tell you that due to painting that I have had to do for tomorrow's tournament, today's episode of Game Night! will be delayed.

Not to worry, tomorrow evening / sunday morning I'll have the post up, with a report of the tournament as well as some other gaming goodies!

And just so you know: I have actually managed to finish the 50 Slaves, the 26 Stormvermin, and the Warp Lightning Cannon (almost forgot that one!) that I need for tomorrow's tournament! All that is left to do is the eyes on all the models and a highlight on all the red armour bits, but those can wait til after the tournament! And on the plus side, with 26 Stormvermin and a WLC already 90% painted, I'll have a very easy rest-of-the-month painting Skaven for the Tale!

Right, I'm off to bed! Here's hoping tomorrow's tourney goes better than the last one!