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woensdag 7 december 2011

Midweek Modelling - 7/12

What's this? A scheduled post arriving on time? Did I just spot a flock of pigs flying by?

Yes, it's true: Midweek Modelling is here and it's on time! Progress, if anything. Now, if only my modelling and painting skills were of such a level that Midweek Modelling deserved such a grand introduction :p

Still, another week and more painting has been done. Quit a lot, actually, although I didn't get everything I wanted finished. Such is life!

On with the show!

First a small recap. Originally I had planned to paint the following:
Skaven - 51 Slaves and 3 Warlock Engineers
Empire - A Mortar and a converted Sorceress
Warriors of Chaos - 5 Warriors
Imperial Guard - Leman Russ Executioner
After starting I decided to change that into the following:
Skaven - 51 Slaves, 3 Warlock Engineers and 26 Stormvermin
Empire - A Mortar and a converted Sorceress
Warriors of Chaos - 3 Trolls
Imperial Guard - 5 Legion of the Damned

As it turned out I managed to finish pretty much everything except for the Legion of the Damned. That's ok though as they don't officialy fit in an IG army anyway and I plan on finishing them in the next few days (just have to get away from painting Skaven for a bit!). Also, the Empire models aren't finished either, but since I only need to paint 100 pts a month for the Tale, I'm doing fine there for this month with half a mortar and half a wizard lord. Just have to make sure I finish them in December!

Ok, enough talk, on with the pics!

The pics of my DoW and the Legion are still the same as last week, haven't done any noticable work on them, so I'll show you where I am at next week with those.

Right, so what's on the schedule for this month? Well, for my Skaven I have to finish up the Stormvermin. I'll probably paint a Weapon Team to go with those as well.
For my Warriors of Chaos I'm going back to painting more Warriors. As mentioned here I am planning on participating in our Blood in the Badlands campaign (whenever we start that) with my Warriors of Chaos. So I better get started with painting some warriors! Hopefully the prospect of the Campaign will help me get motivated to paint them.
For my Dow I obviously need to finish Lil' Bang and Lady Clarissa Horendal. I'm also planning on either painting Zharuff's Black Hearts or Squeel Sharpeye's Fusiliers, haven't decided which yet. What's that? Haven't heard of those Regiments of Renown? Well, better stay tuned! Not to give away too much, but they're awesome and they rock. True story.
And for my Guard it's time to get back to painting the Leman Russ I had planned for November.

Right, that's about everything covered for this week, I think.

Oh no, wait, there's a bit more!

At last Saturday's tournament the staff was kind enough to have a small gift for all participants:

A mantic Ghouls sprue! I always wanted to see what these models looked like in the flesh, so to say, and now I know! Nice enough gift, but not really something you need if you don't play Vampire Counts, though, right? Well, luckily I am planning on starting a small force of the fiendish bloodsuckers when the new book is released (rumour mill says this January) and my mates were kind enough to give me their ghouls. So now I have 12 Ghouls, enough for a small unit! Of course, that also means more painting for me...
Here's what they look like put together. I used a Warmaster base to put them on since I have loads of those left and they are the same size as two small Fantasy bases put together, just a little flatter.

Now all I need to do is figure out which colours to paint them...

Finally, as a small treat, here is a pic of something that I am going to paint for my good mate Balephon:


For the life of me I can't remember what this kit is called again. It's of course based on the famous Iwo Jima scene and is a pretty cool kit. The one I received already has some paint on it, but it still needs a lot of work! I will do my very best to make it as stunning as possible!

Right, that is really it for this week. See you friday for Game Night!