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maandag 14 mei 2012

Monday Morning Gamer 14/5

Goodday to all! I have a short post for you today. Haven´t been up to much gaming lately, so have nothing to share on that front. What I do have for you are some pics! Last week we started a Farewell to 5th painting challenge and my, my, are we off to a great start! Well, when I say great, I actually mean a good start. Or rather, let´s just say we´ve at the very least gotten started! Check below for more!

Also, as has been mentioned over on our Blood in the Badlands page, I promised to put up two versions of the map Shalen made for our campaign. One is with grids, the other is completely grid-less.

Let’s start with the maps. Here’s both of them. Just pick whichever one you want to use and have at it. If you do use it, we’d love to see how your campaign goes, so if you have a little place on the web where we could see how your campaign’s progressing, do let us know!

And here is our progress so far for the Farewell to 5th painting challenge. First up is our resident conversion wiz, Bra’Tac. He’s been working on his Rebel Grot Imperial Guard army, finally putting some more paint on his models. He’s not quite managed to finish 166 points for this week, but I hear he’s planning to make up for it later. Here’s close up of the sergeant of the squad he’s been working on last week. Even though he says he doesn’t like it, I quite like the battle damage. What do you think?

Next up, Balephon! He’s planning on doing grey knights and has been hard at work assembling models for his army. Unfortunately, with all that assembling going on, he clean forgot to actually paint something! To prove he did do something this past week, here’s the paladins he’s been working on. Just a basecoat away from being ready for painting, from the looks of it!

And then we’ve only myself left. As some of you may know, I have chronic problems picking and sticking to a projects. I get distracted by shiny things and lose my train of thought. I remember committing to Imperial Guard for this project, but after digging out all the models I’d need for the 1000 pts, I stumbled on all manner of other cool models that still needed paint as well. Long story short, with the semi-certain knowledge that one of the first 40k codexes that will drop will be of the Chaotic persuasion, I decided to paint some of my backlog of Chaos models! First up, a Daemon Prince! He’s not quite done yet. I need to finish the base and decide on how to paint the sword. Not sure if I should go real bright or if that would be too distracting. I’ll show you what I’ve come up with next week!

And that’s it for today. Thanks for reading!