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maandag 7 mei 2012

Monday Morning Gamer 7/5

Hello and welcome to a long-overdue edition of Monday Morning Gamer! As per usual on a blog, real life events have kept me from updating the blog regularly. Still, here’s an update for you now! As luck would have it, there hasn’t been much to report on the campaign front this past month either. I’ll give you a recap of the final turn of Spring and talk about the Battle for Mount Bloodhorn we played yesterday. Also, as sort of a new attempt to paint a few models, Balephon, Bra’tac and myself have joined in a little Farewell to 5th painting challenge. Lastly, I promised a few weeks back that I’d talk a bit about how my Ogres are doing at tournaments. I’ve had a bit of think and decided to change a thing or two in an effort to actually improve my tournament record (which, to be honest, is just a notch above abysmal the last few years).

Farewell to 5th: Painting Challenge

Still nothing is official, but word on the street is that we’re only a couple of months away from the next 40k Edition. Now, I’ve been fed up and done with 5th for about a year now, so you’ll hear nothing but good from me whatever changes GW brings to the game.
However, knowing myself and my gaming habits, I will be having a renewed interest in 40k from about a week before I can get my grubby little fingers on the new book and I’ll be writing armylist after armylist trying to see what cool stuff I can do with the new rules.
All of which will leave me precious little time to actually paint anything. To be honest, actually painting stuff is always a problem for me, so any excuse I can find to paint something new I try and grab. Sure, I failed miserably at the Warseer painting challenge (what, didn’t think I’d come back to that?), but I did paint a fair bit of my skaven and some miscellaneous units from other armies as well. So all is not lost.


It occurred to me that with the approach of 6th edition 40K I had the perfect excuse to do some painting. Now, I’m never one to start a task like that when there are people I can manipulate into joining me, so I talked to two of my good friends and they both decided to join me. (Hi Balephon! Hi Bra’tac!)

So, here’s the “ rules”.  We each agree to paint 1000 points worth of any given 40k army in the next 6 weeks. We can paint whatever we want, be it Troops, HQ or whatever. It doesn’t have to be a legal army because, let’s be honest, 6th might go back to percentages and we won’t know what makes an army legal until we see the rules!

That leaves us with about 166 points to paint every week, which might not seem like a lot, but trust me when I say we’ll all three of us be proud if we manage to complete it!

The only reason Bra’tac joined was because I promised him to update this blog more frequently and show our progress on here. So here’s a first update.

These are his Rebel Grot Imperial Guard. Cool huh? You can check out more here. Leave a comment if you can, since it’ll motivate him to finish the army and we’ve all been wanting him to finish for over a year now.

Balephon (or “daddy” as he is known as by his little baby girl) will paint Grey Knights.

And I will, after much deliberating, also be painting Imperial Guard. But I will do some more Redemptionists Tanks and some Adeptus Arbites infantry (ie. Veterans with carapace armour). I’d show you pics, but I haven’t done anything yet, so you’ll have to wait for next week!

Anyway, check back here next week, same time (ish), for pics on where we all are with our armies.

Wish us luck!

Ps. If you want to join us in painting stuff (doesn’t even have to be 40K; it can be High Elves too, Apophis), just drop me a line!

Ogres @ Tournaments: Thoughts.

As I mentioned in my tournament updates a few weeks back, I had some trouble actually winning games with my Ogres. I´ve talked about my Ogres on here before and it just so happens they were my army of choice for the past two tournaments I´ve been to. I think I like having a break from the armies I´ve been using in the campaigns (Skaven and Warriors of Chaos respectively). Or maybe I’m just a glutton (…sorry…) for punishment.

The main problem I have found the past few tournaments is that my ogres have trouble dealing with chaff units as well as with finishing off units. Case in point: Last tournament I played a game vs High Elves. I’ve played Helves a bunch and this wasn’t a particularly good army. A big block of spearmen and two small archers units for core, one unit each of Lions and Swordmasters, a lvl 4 life and a lvl2 Idon’tremember were the important things. I got off a Comet in my first magic phase, which landed and did a heap of damage to his units. A miscast in his magic phase later and his lvl 2 had one wound left, the white lions were reduced to 4 models and the Swordmasters were still 9 strong. And that’s how many there were left at the end of the game. I had no means to finish off the lvl 2 (which had actually left her unit to stand on her own), nor the lions, let alone the swordmasters! Very frustrating.

So, after I got home from the tournament I started thinking about my ogre army. What did I like and what didn’t I like?

Well, I needed a unit to kill stragglers and go war machine hunting. I’ve been severely disappointed by my sabretusks lately(they and the panic tests they cause wreak havoc on my line in a Dawn of War scenario). Gnoblar Trappers performed admirably and my Ogres losing some movement following the little blighters across the field has not been an issue. Still deciding on which lores to use on my two casters, but overall I’m happy with the characters I have. Trading my Ironguts in for more Bulls worked very well. I need 2 small units of Leadbelchers instead of 1. I need a big beast for some hitting power. And I will of course always include my scouting maneaters, because I do love using them.

So, after a bit of a think, this is the list I’ve come up with.

To solve my problem of finishing off units I will use Gorgers. Ambush means they won’t enter the table till about turn 2-3, which is fine by me as I probably won’t have stragglers for them to finish off before that.
I’m taking more units of trappers and no sabretusks.
I’ll try Lore of Beasts on my slaughtermaster and see how that works.

Here’s the list:

SM <Beast>
Butcher <Maw>

4*10 Trappers
12 Bulls

2*3 Leadbelchers
2 Gorgers
4 Maneaters <Scout, Poison>


 All in all, with this new list, I’m looking forward to trying out my ogres in the next tournament! Anyone know when the next one is?

These have nothing to do with the campaign.
I just think they´re great!
End of Spring: First Campaign Season comes to an end.

Spring is in the books! We’ve finished with our first campaign season, and so far we’re having a blast. Not everything is going as planned (more on that later), but all in all the campaign is progressing nicely. We’ve been having a bit of slow month as we were waiting for a good time for all of us to come together and play the end of season battle, but we’ve done that yesterday and it was great!

First, a small recap of turn 3. It’s been a while, and all I remember is playing a big battle vs Bra’tac’s Ogres. 4000 pts each and it was a blast. I have pictures and I promised to do a proper battle report, so I’ll save those, as well as the actual outcome, for later.

Next, I played a battle vs Jerroii in an attempt to free my general from his decaying clutches. He of course tried to do the same to me, since I had his general. We made up some rules to represent our units trying to hold on to the opposing general while trying to free our own and it was tense until the final turn. Jerroi tried desperately to free his general, who was held by a unit of Tzeentchian Warriors but couldn’t set him free. On the other side of the battle my Chaos Knights had freed my General from a giant unit zombies, only to lose him again in the final turn of the game by a pesky Wraith I failed to snipe with a magic missile earlier. Doh! The battle ended in a draw, both our Generals were sacrificed and Jerroii now has a Wight King Hero of Legend by the name of Thalenchar… This is not over, Jerroii!

I also played a Storm of Magic battle vs Apophis and his High Elves, more as a practice game to get us acquainted with the SoM rules than anything else. It was fun trying those rules out and I have a better understanding of what to expect when next I play a SoM battle.


Oh, yes, Apophis might have won. I don’t really remember. Honest.

Now, you might think I was the only one playing last turn. I wasn’t, I just don’t remember right now what the others did! Here’s the map of turn 3.

On to the final battle of the season!

First off I want to thank Bra’tac for opening his house to us and setting up the tables we needed. Here’s some pics of the tables. Remember he just moved into his new house and one of the first things he did was preparing the game room! All the terrain and tables are still a work in progress, but so far everything looks stunning. Thanks again, sir!

On to the battle itself. For those who don’t know, for the final battle of the spring season players are divided into two teams of three (in our case). We divided along a geographical line, with Team South consisting of Jerroii, Bra’tac, and Apophis, while Team North consisted of Balephon, Shalen, and myself.

Team North would be the Defenders.

Next was deciding who would play which battle. There’s three battles to be played: a Siege on table 1, a Battle For the Pass on table 2, and a Watchtower on Table 3. Whoever wins the Siege on table 1 wins the entire thing. The surviving troops of the winning players on tables 2 and 3 can come on as reserves on table 1 to help swing the tide there.

To keep things close and give the other tables a chance to finish before the Siege did, we didn’t start deploying for the Siege until the other tables had both begun their turn 2.

Now, part of the fun was deciding who would play where and trying to figure out which army we’d play against. As it turned out this is how we ended up fighting the games:

Table 1 Thalenchar v Jerroii

Table 2 Bra’tac v Balephon

Table 3 Shalen v Apophis

Now, to start with the lower tables, Team North was dominating. Shalen won the Watchtower thanks to 3 sturdy Dwarven allies and prevented Apophis’ army entering Table 1. Great job!

On Table 2 Balephon made short work of Bra’tac’s Gutstar and entered Table 1 with about 85% of his army still intact.

Unfortunately, the results of the other two tables didn’t matter in the end. By the time Balephon and Shalen (with his three dwarfs; that was all he had left, bless him) entered Table 1, we only had 2 turns left to play and I was well on my way to getting totally slaughtered. Great job by Jerroii in using his Vampire Counts to such effect. Honestly, I didn’t stand a chance. 2 Terrorgheists with Siege Clubs decimated my army (with shrieks) and my castle (with the clubs) and I just didn’t have any answers.

So in the end, Team South won the game, even though they lost 2 of 3 battles. I hang my head in shame in having cost my team the overall victory. I thought I was better prepared!

After the game, we started on the first turn of Summer and here’s the map as it looks now:

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and remember, if you want to join in our Farewell to 5th painting challenge, just let me know!