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zondag 11 maart 2012

Blood in the Badlands - Jerroi's Vampire Counts Page

Army 1 – Wardens of the Nameless:

Jerro  the Baron of Blood, Vampire Lord.

Mount: Barded Nightmare

Magic: Level 4 (Lore of Vampires)

Item: Shield, Armour of Destiny, Dawnstone, Earthing Rod,

Misc.: Quickblood              


Heroes of Legend:

The Nameless, Night Goblin Shaman

Magic: Level 2

Regiments of Renown:

Blood Guard, 5 Blood Knights

Standard Bearer

Devastating Charge

Mangler Squig

Rock Lobber

Army 2 – The Night’s Horde:

“Crank” Waldenhof,  Strigoi Ghoul King

Magic: Level 1 (Lore of Vampires)

Items: Dragonbane Gem, Staff of Damnation

Misc.: Master of the Black Arts

Caratacus the Savage, Ghoul King. Captured by Thalenchar Moonsoul      SACRIFICED

Mount: Terrorgheist

Magic: Level 1 (Lore of Vampires )

Items: Dragonbane Gem,  Potion of Strength,

Misc.: Red Fury, Aura of Dark Majesty, Bequile                                                                                                                        

Heroes of Legend:

Thalenchar the Soulless, Wight King Battle Standard Bearer

Items: Glittering Scales, Fencer Blades

Regiments of Renown:

Caratacus´ Ravagers, 4 Blood Knights

Standard Bearer, Banner of Swiftness <free>

Army 3 – Legion:

Thucydides Vampire Lord

Magic: Level 4 (Lore of Vampires)

Items: Glittering Scales, Talisman of Endurance, Sword of Striking.

Misc.: Dread Knight, Summon Creatures of the Night, Flying Horror.

Iceni, King of Slaves, Master Necromancer. Captured by Hardeknut Forkbeard    SACRIFICED

Magic: Level 3 (Lore of Vampires)

Items: The Cursed Book                    

Heroes of Legend:

Experiment 49, Necromancer

Sceptre of Stability <free>

Level 2, <unknown lore; probably vamp>

Regiments of Renown:

Flesh Eaters, 46 Ghouls


Armour Piercing