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zondag 11 maart 2012

Blood in the Badlands FAQ and Errata

Here's the FAQ for our own Blood in the Badlands Campaign. If you have more questions just hit me up and I'll answer them and update the file.

Campaign FAQ document

*Last update: 27-3-2012; By: Thalenchar*

Campaign FAQ document

*Last update: 7-5-2012; By: Thalenchar*

If you have any questions concerning the rules of the campaign, please ask them by contacting me or by updating this document yourself. I’ll try and keep track of all the questions that have been asked and answered to make sure this document is as exhaustive as possible. If you update this document, please change the “Last Updated:” and “By:” segments up top. Thank you.

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Some Campaign Rules updates:

-          When a Regiment of Renown is wiped out (not including fled off the table), it loses whatever bonuses made it Legendary and it loses its status as a Regiment of Renown.

-          If players have a problem with too many Heroes of Legend and/or Regiments of Renown clogging up too many points on his army roster, we will look at deleting certain units on a case by case basis.

-          When you play a game in a tile that has a Fortress or a Capital in it, the Defending Player can choose whether or not to fight a siege or not. This is no longer mandatory.

-          Beastmen Rare Choices Cygor, Ghorgon, and JAbberslythe will now each cost 50 points less.

Q: Can I have duplicate magic items, etc, for my Heroes of Legend and/or Main Characters, e.g. can both a BSB Hero of Legend and my overall General have the Book of Secrets ?

A: You cannot have duplicate items in the same army, so if that Battle Standard Bearer is part of the same army as the overall General, the answer is no.

If the BSB is part of a different army than the overall General, than it is allowed.

Your Main Characters cannot have the same Magic Items as one another. Follow the rules as though they were part of the same army.

Q: How many points do you use for a Storm of Magic battle, when the agreed points value is 2400, but points are increased due to Mines and Mercenaries? Example: My opponent receives 300pts extra from Mines as well as 10% of Mercenaries, making the bonus 540 points or a total of 2940 points. This would then leave him with 735 pts to spend on Storm of Magic. I, however, have only 150pts extra due to my Mines and no Mercenaries, giving me 2550, and 638 points for Storm of Magic.

Following from the above, do we use the base of 2400 to calculate Storm of Magic extra points or do we use our points total that include Mines, Mercenaries, etc., as long as the 25% difference in  points is not passed?

A: Always use the base value for all percentages. Mercenaries, Storm of Magic, rolls on the Mines, Random Events, and Spoils of War tables, battles fought in Capital tiles, and by whichever means you could otherwise gain extra points, never influence the size of the other percentages.

For example, in a 2400 points Storm of Magic game, both players will receive 600 points extra for the Storm of Magic Rules. Bra’tac receives 150 points for his Mine, while Jerroii receives 300 points for his. Jerroii also gets 240 points from his 10% Mercenaries allowance. Should this battle take place in Jerroii’s Capital, he would get a further 240 points (10%) extra. Jerroii would then 3540 points while Bra’tac would have 3150 points to spend for the Storm of Magic battle.

Also, for simplicity’s sake, always use the base value for the game to determine the maximum 25% difference, even in Storm of Magic games.

Q: What happens when you have to appoint a character to be a Hero of Legend and give him a free magic item? Do you just add on an extra item or do you have room to switch around equipment?

A: When a character becomes a Hero of Legend you have to keep his mount, his magic level and lore (if applicable), and his special items (Ogre big names, Daemonic Gifts, etc) the same. You can redistribute his magic items in such a way as to make the free magic item ‘fit’ better.

Also, if the army did not include one before, you can make the new Hero of Legend a Battle Standard Bearer and use the free item to give him a Magic Banner. The character may then take other magic items for his usual points allowance. This is an exception to the normal rule where a BSB can either take a magic banner or have magic items, but not both.

Q: What happens when the general of an army dies or gets captured?

A: First, you’ll have to appoint a new general for the next battle. This has to be a Hero of Legend that is already in the army if possible, otherwise you can nominate another character from the army to become the new general. If it’s not possible to make the Hero of Legend in your army the new general (because he is a non-wizard in a Vampire Counts army or is a BSB, for instance), or if you really, really do not want to, you can make a new character instead.

Regardless of who becomes the new general, the next time this army fights a battle it will have 10% fewer points than the agreed upon number. This represents the time it takes for the new General to take full control of the army.

Q: Some of the rolls made during the campaign turn (e.g. mine rolls) allow you to take an x amount of extra points for your next battle. How does this work if you play more than one battle a turn?

A: The rules in the Blood in the Badlands book are designed for only ever playing one game per campaign turn. Whenever you roll a result that allows you to add a bonus (even a negative one-off) for your next battle, treat is as saying you can use it for any one battle you will fight this campaign turn. You must decide before fighting any battles that turn where to apply the bonuses and you should always let your opponent(s)  know what you decided.

Exception to this is of course where the bonus applies to a specific army. In that case you can only ever apply the bonus to that army.

Q: What happens when I cannot challenge any opponent during the campaign turn and I am not challenged in turn?

A: If you follow the steps in the campaign turn sequence and find yourself without an opponent to fight, you are free to challenge any opponent for a game. The easiest would be to find an opponent who also isn’t playing a game, but whoever is willing to play you will do.

Randomly determine which of your armies will face off against each other. It is important to note that no movement between these armies takes place. The winner of the battle will not suddenly magically appear in the opponent’s tile, but will remain in his own tile.

Note that the rest of the rules for fighting battles still apply, i.e. the loser can lose his banner, is driven back one square towards his capital/territory, cannot build or claim a tile, and players need to roll for Spoils of War and Ignominious Defeats, and injuries per normal.