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zaterdag 14 april 2012

Tournament day!

Hello all! After a bit of silence (just started a new job), I thought I'd throw out a quick post now. I'm on my way to a tournament that starts in about 45 minutes. (I say "on my way", but really it's held 100 yards from my home, so I'm still comfortably sat on the sofa).

It's a simple tournament for warhmmer fantasy. 2200 points comped, which over here means no named characters, no duplicate rare choice and no triplicate special choices. 2200 pts is just a shade under what we usually play (2400), but still lets us bring a reasonable sized army.

I'm taking my ogres for another outing and this is the list I'll bring:
Slaughtermaster, hellheart, fist
Butcher (heavens), lvl 2, scroll, fist
BSB, flame banner, heavy armour, fist

12 bulls, fist, full command
3*10 gnoblars, trappers

6 Maneaters (sniper/stubborn), 6* brace o pistols, 6* heavy armour, full command.
4 Maneaters (scout/poison), 2 hand weapons, standard, heavy armour
3 Leadbelchers
2*1 Sabretusk


I wanted to try out maneaters and gnoblars and this is what I came up with. I'll try and keep you updated on how I do!